How guppy get pregnant?

Guppies are small, colorful fish that can be found in a variety of colors. They’re easy to care for and only need occasional feeding with common household foods such as flake or pellet food – no special diet requirements! Maintaining their vibrant coloration isn’t too difficult either; just make sure you clean out any uneaten … Read more

Can you keep just one guppy?

Guppies are social, school-related fish that become stressed if they don’t have enough company. While technically not a schooling type of freshwater or saltwater creature (though the two aquatic settings do tend to bring out different behaviors in group members), this is still an important factor when it comes down whether one can keep them … Read more

How many babies does a guppy have?

Guppies are freshwater tropical fish, originally found in South America and belong to the Poeciliidae Family. They’re among one of most common types that both experienced aquarists as well as beginner keepers will choose from time-to-time when adding some color into their tanks! There’s over 300 different species within this family with a variety colors … Read more

How to have guppy babies?

How to have guppy babies? Guppy fry are small, colorful fish that can be found in many homes. They’re very easy to care for and need very little attention from their owners once they’ve grown up enough so as not damage them or stress out the young ones too much! In this article I’ll show … Read more

Which type of guppy has the highest population?

Which type of guppy has the highest population? Though not as popular in the aquarium trade, this small fish still manages to find its way onto many balconies around world. It can be found from South America all of Asia and even Australia! The Guppy (Poecilia reticulata) is one among many tropicalwater species that are … Read more

Do guppy fish eat each other?

Guppies are tiny fish that live in large schools. They’re known for their knack of biting off more than they can chew sometimes, which has earned them the reputation as cannibals among some people! But does this mean guppy eat each other? Let’s find out… The first thing you need to know about these curious … Read more

Do guppy fish need air pump?

Guppies are a hardy bunch, and if you have one in your aquarium they’ll be able to withstand even the most demanding conditions. That being said though – despite their abilitys as survivors- guppies do still require certain amenities for survival such us clean water with low levels off chlorine or pH balance which can … Read more

Do guppy fish sleep?

Do guppy fish sleep? Guppies are one of the most curious fish you can find in stores or online. They’re always very active, moving around their bowl constantly with never-ending energy needs to show off for tankmates that may be watching them sleep at night time! But do these little guys get enough rest? The … Read more

Do guppy fish need a heater?

do guppy fish need a heater

Do guppy fish need a heater? In this article, you’re going to find out whether a heater is necessary for your tank as well as lot more information! As well as learning if guppies need one or not–you’ll also learn the following: What happens when water gets too hot/cold; where should I put my new … Read more

Why did my pregnant guppy die?

Why did my pregnant guppy die

Why did my pregnant guppy die? One of the best things about breeding guppies is that it can be done in a separate tank, which will allow you to start new populations and sell them for profit. You could also keep these fish on your own without starting an entirely new setup- justbuy another aquarium! … Read more