Will guppy eat mosquito larvae?

Will guppy eat mosquito larvae

Guppies and mosquito larvae go hand-in-hand. If you’re looking for a great source of protein, fiber, or fat then there’s no better option than feeding your female guppy with these tasty treats! Guppy experts recommend black Mosquito Larvae as they contain all three essential nutrients in one delightful little package- but be careful not to … Read more

Why would a guppy die and best solution?

Guppy fish are colorful, peaceful freshwater aquarium dwellers. They’re one of the easier types to keep an eye on for beginners because they generally don’t need much care or maintenance–though their health can vary from tank-to-tank depending how well you take care them! That said it’s not uncommon if see new arrivals die within weeks … Read more

What would eat a guppy?

Guppies are at the bottom tier of food chain, but they have colonized many parts world. They’re easily snacks for bigger fishes who don’t mind sharing their dinner with these little guys! What Fish Eat Guppies?   Guppies are small, colorful fish that live in large schools. They have been preyed on by predators such as … Read more

Are guppies dangerous – limited way

The answer to the question of why these fish become territorial and aggressive is complex. It involves various factors, such as pH levels in their environment or if they were introduced into an aquarium with other males before females – but most importantly it has something do with how often you see your reflection (the … Read more

Are guppies hard to keep alive

Are guppies hard to keep alive? The guppies are so adorable! They’re not hard to keep alive, but they do need some special care. You have to provide them with lots of oxygen-rich water and watch out for their health because these fish can’t live without water that’s at room temperature or above 70 degrees … Read more

Can guppies recognize their owners

Can guppies recognize their owners? For the first time ever, a species of tropical fish has been shown to be able distinguish between human faces. The research was conducted in Japan and China where researchers trained four Arborichthys ringuk39 with images from different individuals wearing motorcycle helmets or not; they were then presented both live … Read more