Help! My Fish is Drowning

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Help! My Fish is Drowning

One doesn’t really need a license for scuba-diving; a fish bowl is enough to see what lies beneath… And, one can’t say that it is a virtual experience in any way.

On similar lines, there are many other experiences that can be collected without actually being there… We don’t thank 21st century for nothing less!!!

When we do not take proper care of fish in the bowl, it dies! With it die many opportunities where we could have taken a proper care and dealt with nicely.

The question is why are we so reckless? Neither have we valued what we have nor what we can have… Instead, each of us is busy making a long list of excuses for every damn thing in life…

Let’s learn from Chinese who if stood together on chairs and jumped off at the same time… it would knock the earth off its axis…!!! Not because they are largely populated but because they’ve proved their worth to the world… timely!!!

Feed the fish timely, take good care of it and it slowly grows big… Then comes a time when it grows so big that the fish bowl is not able to fit it well. It needs a bigger space…

Carefully see fish when in water. You will always see it with open mouth. This tells how materialistic it is, how ambitious it is, absolutely full of life, in the need for more… And, get it too!

What about you???

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