Barometric Pressure and Bass

October 24, 2017 By Ralph Manns One of the most persistent myths in fishing is that barometric pressure controls the activity of bass and other gamefish. Although many researchers have tried, scientific studies have been unable to demonstrate that such a relationship exists. Every scientific report we’ve seen, in which barometric pressure was studied, reached … Read more

Barometric Pressure And Fishing: How Weather Affects The Bite

Being a successful angler involves extensive knowledge of the many different types of lure presentations, when and where to use them, as well as having a working knowledge of what type of gear and tackle you need. Despite all these fundamentals, the weather is still one of the single-most influential factors that affects how and … Read more

How Barometric Pressure Affects Surf Fishing? • Fish From Beach

How Barometric Pressure Affects Surf Fishing? The barometric pressure is an important factor to consider if you want to maximize your surf fishing rewards. Most fish species, especially those living near the shore or in shallow waters, are very sensitive to barometric fluctuations and their feeding habits are strongly affected by the atmospheric pressure. On … Read more

How Does Barometric Pressure Affect Fishing? The Hottest Fishing Predicted

Pretty much everyone knows that the weather affects fishing. Warm and cold fronts heat and cool the water, suppressing or encouraging feeding behavior depending on the season in which they arrive. For instance, a warm front in spring, accompanied by a lot of sun, can make the water warmer than usual, turning fish on while … Read more

How Barametric Pressure Can Affect Fishing Conditions

How Barometric Pressure Can Affect Fishing Conditions This article was originally published in July of 2018 but has been updated to include relevant content. The image above was taken about a year ago while I was fulfilling a bucket list dream: fishing for Halibut in Alaska. Breath-taking scenery, incredible wildlife, deafening silence at night, and … Read more