How to Breed Molly Fish (with Pictures)

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Molly Fish: Size, Care, Lifespan, Tank Mates

Mollies is a small group of live-bearing fish of the Poecilia genus (earlier, they were included with Mollienesia genus). They are rather popular and undemanding aquarium fish that even beginner aquarists can deal with. Due to selective breeding programs, many new variations were obtained, with different coloring and body shapes. They are all widespread and … Read more

Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine

Black Molly Common Names: Black molly Type Locality: N/A Range: Not a natural species. Ancestral species range from the southern United States through Mexico and Central America Taxonomic Troubles: Domesticated strains of mollies are of hybrid descent from a variety of natural species. Mollies are typically divided into long-finned species such as Poecilia latipinna and … Read more