Largest White Sturgeon Ever Recorded On The Fraser River — Sturgeon Slayers

Largest White Sturgeon Ever Recorded On The Fraser River Owner & operator of Sturgeon Slayers, Kevin Estrada, and guests landed and tagged the Largest Sturgeon Ever Recorded on Rod and Reel on the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada. Former NHL goalie Pete Peeters and Jake Drieger shared the rod, while brothers Bryant and Barry … Read more

Sturgeons still little known, despite their ancient history

Do some searching online, and you’ll learn that 233 fish species swim in Arkansas waters. You’re no doubt familiar with many. Almost everyone can identify my favorites, the catfish, for example. And most people would have little trouble naming species such as the largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, striped bass, various kinds of trout and even … Read more

Studying sturgeon: Biologists have giant questions about monster fish in upper Snake River

Even though sturgeon have been around unchanged for more than 200 million years, knowledge of the relative new comer now patrolling the upper Snake River of eastern Idaho is a big question mark. Idaho Fish and Game has been dropping hundreds of white sturgeon into the Snake River between Idaho Falls and the American Falls … Read more

Sturgeon Fishing in the Midwest and Great Lakes: Tips and Techniques

Sturgeon have been calling the Great Lakes Basin home for much longer than people have been around, but when those people did arrive they found excellent fishing for these ancient giants. Even with the onset of human fishing, sturgeon managed to live millions of years without too much trouble until the pressure intensified and they … Read more

Michigan Sea Grant

Lake Sturgeon Quick facts Scientific name: Acipenser fulvescens One of the oldest species in the Great Lakes Currently threatened and rare due to overharvest and habitat loss Grow very slowly but may reach 8 feet long and 300 pounds Can live for 55-150 years Life history Lake sturgeon are nearshore fish that live at water … Read more

Giant sturgeon fish is a catch of a lifetime for 78-year-old Shropshire fisherman

The one that didn’t get away: 78-year-old catches huge prehistoric sturgeon fish… and the locals say it’s the biggest they’ve ever seen! Peter Starbuck from Shropshire reeled in a 350lb white sturgeon while fishing in Canada He was in British Columbia on a salmon-fishing trip but took some time out to travel to the Fraser … Read more

Sturgeon | Characteristics & Facts

sturgeon Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Recent News Read a brief summary of this topic sturgeon, (family Acipenseridae), any of about 29 species of fishes of the family Acipenseridae (subclass Chondrostei), native to temperate waters of the Northern Hemisphere. Most species live in the ocean and … Read more

DINOSAUR FISH: Sturgeon fish species of the Danube River – Water detective

DINOSAUR FISH: Sturgeon fish species of the Danube River Sterlet – Acipenser ruthenus (Hegediš, 2007) DINOSAUR FISH: Sturgeon fish species of the Danube River Mirjana Lenhardt, Marija Smederevac-Lalić Key words: sturgeon, biology, importance Sturgeons are very old group of fish species dating back more than 250 million years ago. Their ancestors lived together with dinosaurs, … Read more