What Does a Cichlid Oscar Look Like: 17 Types of Oscar Fish

The Oscar fish is a collective group of species that are sub-divided according to the unique characteristics they possess. Due to the contrasting colors on its skin, they all are compositely called as Tiger Oscar fish, with scientific identification as Astronotus Ocellatus. Except few, most of its types are a bred artificially. They are natives … Read more

Oscar Fish Care: Size, Food, Tank Size & Hole in the Head

This post may contain affiliate links and we may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on the links. Common Name(s) Oscar Fish, Tiger Oscar, Oscar Cichlid, Velvet Cichlid, Marbled Cichlid, Water Dog Scientific Name Astronotus ocellatus Origin South America Temperature 72-80 °F (22-27 °C) Size 8-16 inches Minimum Tank Size 55 gallons … Read more

Oscar Fish – Facts and Beyond

Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Class Actinopterygii Order Cichliformes Family Cichlidae Genus Astronotus Species Astronotus ocellatus Niche River Predator Length Up to 18 in (45 cm) Weight Up to 3.5 lbs (1,600 g) Lifespan Up to 10 years Social Structure Territorial, solitary or in pairs Conservation Status Least Concern Preferred Habitat Warmer Rivers Average Clutch Size … Read more