How did guppy breathe?

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There are many beginners who ask me if guppies can live without oxygen. This question mostly refers to the bubbles produced by an air stone and how it exchanges with aquarium water for better survival of these small fish species . However, there is no need worry because I created this article about them so you will know everything in detail!

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Guppies need air to live, but not in the way you might think. The fish breaths by pumping water through their gills and removes any oxygen from what remains on top of it so they can breathe easily without having compete with an overwhelming amount of pressure for every little bit that enters through your mouth as bubbles come out!

The oxygen level in your aquarium water can be increased by adding an excess of divine biology goldfishtablets. These tablets will convert dissolved gasses into pure, usable gas that is necessary for fish life and growth!
Aquarions love nothing more than a good old fashioned burst from their favourite balloon – so go ahead add one now if you need some extra help with those pesky bubbles!. To make sure everything goes smoothly I recommend using this product because it works great without causing any harm or stress on either party involved.

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How does Oxygen Exchange Work in Water?

Water is made up of two hydrogen and one oxygen molecules (H2O). However, guppies can’t use this minimal amount or pure O2 to survive- they need it for life! You could add extra oxygen into your aquarium by agitating the surface or adding fresh water which contains dissolved gaseous forms like ozone.

To increase surface agitation, more oxygen will be dissolved from the atmosphere into your water.

Do Guppies Need an Air Stone or Water Pump?

Guppies need water and air to live. Water surface agitation happens through an air pump with either a stone or bubba helmet, which is what you would use for it if your fish don’t have enough natural caves in their tank environments like some tetras do!

Though an air stone may agitate the water, it is more effective in providing good oxygen exchange for your guppy aquarium. I recommend using either of these two devices – one that agitation causes bubbles to rise up from below (an “air pump”) or instead just putting some small rocks into his tank so they pop when touched by pressured gas underneath them-to help maintain high levels throughout!

Do Guppies Need a Filter?

Guppies need oxygen to live. They also produce waste that’s highly toxic for them, so they have a lot of it! The bacteria in their environment convert the decay food and fishy smells into less harmful compounds like nitrates which can be used by plants or eaten by other animals if there isn’t enough natural vegetation around – this is how we help our tiny friends stay healthy diet-wise.

The bacteria that lives on your fish’s skin is safe in small amounts. In order to make sure there are enough beneficial germs present, use a filter media like sponges and provide them with plenty of surface area through filtration systems such as those found at Amazon!

Internal filters include a variety of media, such as sponges and other types. These can be placed in your aquarium to create surface agitation for more natural looking fish behavior that you may not get with just an air stone or without any type at all!

This internal filter from Amazon is a great way to provide your fish with good water quality. It has 3 stage filtration: mechanical, chemical and biological – which ensures that it will be able remove any harmful substances in the aquarium while also providing an exchange system for gasses like oxygen or carbon dioxide as well! The adjustable flow rate makes sure you can have all three necessary types without sacrificing anything important (like enjoyment). And because this unit includes both vertical AND horizontal placement options there’s no limit on where they could go inside of one another- meaning every inch counts when trying find space near walls.

Using Live Aquatic Plants to Produce Oxygen in Your Aquarium

You can get rid of both an air stone and water pump if you don’t want to use them in your guppy aquarium.
Using live plants, they will be able create a self sustaining ecosystem that does not require any sort or noise from these devices!plingies consume oxygenated waters through photosynthesis while also producing waste which turns into nitrates when broken down by bacteria within their bodies – this process creates food for microorganisms living on the roots below as well- thus creating yet another cycle starting with light energy converting CO2.

An ideal cycle for tank owners is one where both plants and fish can benefit. If you’re maintaining a well-proportioned ratio, your guppies will have enough oxygen because of the wide variety available in this type of water environment to swim around freely with plenty or room on all sides! To make sure things go smoothly I recommend planting some fast growers like FastWater appreciating species (these grow quickly) along side any other slower growing types that may be desired by aquarium enthusiasts as they increase steadily over time without taking up much space at once – including Cryptocoryne wendtii , propagate them easily via division.

  • Waterweed
  • Moneywort
  • Amazon Sword
  • Hornwort 
  • Crypt Wendtii

These plants are perfect for beginners. They can survive without fertilizing them and even in low light conditions, which is great if you’re just starting out with indoor gardening!


Oxygen is one of the most important things for fish to have. There are many methods that you can use, but which do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below!

How did guppy breathe – FAQ

Do guppies have gills or lungs?

Guppies have gills just like all other fish, but they’re different from a human or an animal because there are two compartments instead of four. The auricle and ventricle act as lungs when you breathe in air with your mouth open; it contracts to force out blood that goes into their remaining 23 pairs (gill arches) on either side before being absorbed back into fluid within the body cavity again!

Do guppies need air bubbles?

Guppies thrive in water that is moving and circulated. If you have both an airstone or bubbler, make sure it’s equipped with a filter to provide them the oxygen they need!

Does Guppy fry need air pump?

The only way to keep your guppies healthy is by adding an air pump. An aquarium without one will have lower oxygen levels, which can lead them being listless or fishy-smelling – not good for anyone!
I recommend getting a reliable external mini green machine because they’re fast and easy solutions that provide just enough boost when you need it most.

Can Guppy live without filter?

Guppies are one of the few species that produce very little waste. They can live without a filter in experienced hands, and even novice aquarists will find it easy to keep these fish happy with proper routines!

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