Damselfish protect themselves from predators by releasing chemical signals

A damselfish. (Picture Courtesy: Facebook) Melbourne: Damselfish release a chemical ‘distress call’ when caught by a predator that attracts additional predators to the site which gives the fish time to flee, according to a new study. The chemical ‘distress call’ can dramatically boost the damselfish’s chances of survival, said researchers at the ARC Centre of … Read more

Defense Mechanisms: How Marine Creatures Avoid Predation – Dive Training Magazine

In the marine world, one of the fundamental challenges for many creatures is to eat and not get eaten. Early on in life most children learn that a variety of very capable apex predators such as killer whales, sharks and barracudas roam the world’s oceans and that the oceans can be a dangerous place for … Read more

Survival of the fittest!

Download presentation Presentation is loading. Please wait. 1 Survival of the fittest!Adaptations Survival of the fittest! 2 All living things have certain adaptations to surviveAll living things have certain adaptations to survive. If they didn’t, they would die and become extinct eventually. Here are some of the different kinds of animal adaptation: Migration, Hibernation, Camouflage, … Read more

How Fish Hide

How Fish Hide Posted: July 1, 2019 When you think camo, do you picture blobs of greyish green and brown that blend in to the forest? The underwater world has its own camouflage. “Sea”-through: You can’t see what you can see right through! Jellyfish are mostly made of water and mostly clear. Light-bounce: Magicians use … Read more

How Do Animals Protect Themselves?

(Contenido disponible en Español está marcado abajo) Camouflage and special body coverings are two ways that animals protect themselves from other animals. But there are some other defensive behaviors that we haven’t talked about yet! Let’s explore some of the amazing ways that animals protect themselves. Poison & venom Many different animals use poison or … Read more

How Do Fish Defend Themselves?

Fish employ many complex tactics to protect against predators. Fish have special defenses thanks to their camouflage, poisonous spines, stunning electric systems, and chemicals. Fish have an array of defense mechanisms to protect themselves from predators. Some fish, like the electric eel, use their electrical organs to shock predators. Other fish, like the lionfish, have … Read more