Whale sharks regulate their body temperature

Whale sharks regulate their body temperature Marine fish often visit the surface to warm up after diving deep. 4 whale sharks “volunteered” to test some time/depth recorders for Michelle Thums of the University of Western Australia and her colleagues. They publish their research paper, Evidence for behavioural thermoregulation by the world’s largest fish, in Biology … Read more

5 Characteristics That All Fish Have in Common

Fish are diverse — each species has evolved to live successfully in its specific underwater environment, from streams and lakes to the vast expanse of the ocean. In fact, fish are the most diverse animal species among the vertebrates with 32,000 different types of fish according to FishBase, a comprehensive database of information on fish … Read more

How Fish Maintain Homeostasis in Different Water Temperatures

Fish are cold-blooded creatures, and most of them cannot control their internal temperature, like humans. In order to stay at a healthy temperature, or obtain temperature homeostasis, the fish seek warmer or colder water. Some fish also have additional mechanisms to keep a healthy temperature. Heat Creation Fish, like all animals, create heat from metabolic … Read more

Parrotfish controls its body temperature

Marine fishes are largely thought of as being ectothermic and unable to regulate their body temperature, although some exceptions such as tuna exist. But a recent study study has shown that the Steephead parrotfish (Chlorurus microrhinos) is capable of very limited endothermy. In the study, published in a recent issue of the online journal PLoS … Read more

Dive into anything

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Homeostasis the physical process that maintains a stable internal environment. (example: body temperature)

Download presentation Presentation is loading. Please wait. Published byAlfred Douglas Modified over 7 years ago 1 Homeostasis the physical process that maintains a stable internal environment. (example: body temperature) 2 Endotherms animals that can generate & regulate their own body heat. Their body temperature stays at a relatively constant level by balancing heat loss with … Read more

Answer of Question of Temperature & Body Fluid Regulation

Answer of Question of Temperature & Body Fluid Regulation Answer of Question of Temperature & Body Fluid Regulation Introduction Thermoregulation maintains body temperature within a range conducive to metabolism. The maintenance of body temperature within a range that enables cells to function efficiently involves heat transfer between the organism and the external environment. Heat exchange … Read more

Temperature Regulation in Animals

Body temperature regulation by the hypothalamus, such as by causing constriction or dilation of skin capillaries and by sweat production Animals capable of temperature regulation within a given range are deemed homeotherms (alternatively homiotherms or homotherms). They have the ability to regulate temperature via negative feedback control. Temperature is controlled in a variety of ways … Read more

Marine life typically thrives in the tropics – so why do whales prefer the poles?

Life in the sea isn’t easy. Talk to most people about the ocean and they are likely to imagine a tropical scene with a stretch of golden sand and warm, clear water. The reality is often quite different – the marine environment can be a surprisingly cold place. Water conducts heat far more effectively than … Read more