How to cook fish

For fish cooked to perfection, use our step-by-step guides. How to crumb fish steaks or fillets Step 1 Pat fish dry with paper towel. Dip fish first in flour to coat lightly and then in beaten egg. Step 2 Place crumbs on a flat plate. Dip fish in crumbs and toss to cover evenly. Step … Read more

How To Poach Fish

How To Poach Fish Cooking fish can be a frustrating task. If you often eat fish that has been overcooked, you may want to change your cooking method. Why not try poaching fish instead? Poaching is cooking food gently in heated water, usually in water that is barely simmering. This is very different from water … Read more

How to Poach Fish

In Defense of Poaching Fish Whether in butter, milk, or court-bouillon, this easy and oft-overlooked technique is more flavorful than you may think. By Naomi Tomky Published on August 12, 2022 Put away the searing-hot pan and step away from the fiery grill. In writing my book, The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook, I learned that … Read more

6 Ways to Cook Fish: Simple Methods to Maximize Nutrition

Cooking and Meal Prep Recipes 6 Simple, Delicious Ways to Cook Fish By Christina DeBusk Christina DeBusk Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Christina DeBusk is a personal trainer and nutrition specialist. Learn about our editorial process Updated on January 10, 2022 Medically reviewed Verywell Fit articles are reviewed by board-certified physicians and nutrition and exercise healthcare professionals. … Read more

Cod Poached in Court Bouillon

Court Bouillon. Sounds so sophisticated, doesn’t it? According to my 1961 edition of Larousse Gastronomique, court bouillon is “an aromatic liquid in which meat, fish, and various vegetables are cooked,” in other words, fancy salted water! (Ah the French, they make even the most mundane seem so elegant.) Cod poached in court bouillon is a … Read more

Butter poached fish

Butter poached fish Wed, 9 March, 2016 I’ve cooked a lot of fish in many different ways but if fresh, fish doesn’t need elaborate preparation it has so much going for it. Grilled, fried, baked, poached, en papillote plus of course deep fried in batter – there’s a way for all kinds. But I wanted … Read more