How to Farm a Better Fish

Solaiman Sheik shows off the harvest from his father’s small pond near Khulna, Bangladesh: freshwater prawns, a profitable export. The family also raises fish in the pond and, in the dry season, rice fertilized by fish waste—a polyculture that has tripled output with little environmental downside. Photograph by Jim Richardson How to Farm a Better … Read more

Understanding why fish grow the way they do and getting serious about it

Fish gills. Image by 2427999, Pixabay. The distribution and concentration of dissolved oxygen and water temperature in the oceans and freshwaters are usually far more influential in shaping the growth and reproduction of fish than the distribution of their prey. In a new paper in Science Advances, Daniel Pauly, principal investigator of the Sea Around … Read more

Grow Guppy Grow

Guppies are one of the most fun little fish for aquarium enthusiasts. This is especially true for those with young children in the house. Able to give birth to live offspring approximately once a month, guppies are hardy creatures that require minimal assistance to thrive and can grow quickly. When it comes to observing and … Read more

How Quickly Do Koi Grow?

Your shopping cart is empty! How Quickly Will My Koi Fish Grow? The beautiful fish you often see in indoor ponds in Japanese restaurants and outdoor ponds in some people’s yards are called koi. Though some people think they’re a type goldfish, they’re actually a type of carp. When they hatch, they’re small, about 1/2 … Read more