Flying Fish

Flying Fish is a type of fish which during its normal swimming movement in water can occasionally take to aerial flight by jumping into the air and gliding horizontally. The distance thus covered is at times as long as four hundred metres. These fishes occur on both east and west coasts of India, but more … Read more

Recent Discoveries about the Evolution of Flying Fish

For years scientists have known the flying fish to be the one of the earliest known examples of gliding on water by verterbrates, However, recent discoveries by scientists and researchers in China now suggest that there is an earlier flying fish, or Potanichthys xingyiensis, that is the first known of its kind. Scientists have recently … Read more

Flying Fish—Aquatic Flight Instructors

Our ancestors have always looked skyward for inspiration to master heavier-than-air flight. Now, flight engineers have discovered another source of inspiration—creatures of the sea! When you think of the marvels of flight, what creatures come to mind? Perhaps majestic birds like the eagle or falcon, whose sleek design has inspired centuries of dreamers like Leonardo … Read more