How Fast Do Mystery Snails Grow in a Home Aquarium?

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“How fast do mystery snails grow?” is a question many aquarists have. In comparison to other snails, mystery snails grow a lot faster and can reach 2 to 3 inches in size from an egg to an adult in about 7 to 8 weeks.

They continue to develop throughout their lives, but their growth rate can slow down as they get older, even if their shell continues to grow. Find out how quickly mystery snails grow and more from our mystery snail care guide.


  • How Fast Do Mystery Snails Usually Grow?
  • Why Is Your Mystery Snail Growing So Quickly?
  • What Are the Primary Factors Affecting a Mystery Snail’s Growth?
  • How Can You Breed and Grow Mystery Snails Easily?
  • Conclusion

How Fast Do Mystery Snails Usually Grow?

Mystery snails usually grow quite fast. Baby mystery snails can develop quickly in a number of weeks if you provide them with the right water conditions and food. They continue to grow throughout their lives. However, naturally, their growth rate slows as they get closer to adulthood.

How big do mystery snails get? Mystery snail shell growth rate varies slightly from snail to snail and between variants. Mystery snail growth is influenced by a number of other variables, including water quality, food availability and type, water temperature, and others.

An adult mystery snail should measure the same size as a golf ball. However, if a mystery snail becomes larger than a golf ball, it is most likely not a mystery snail.

How long do mystery snails live? The mystery snail has a lifespan of around a year or more, and its shell develops throughout that time. Many aquarists wish to keep mystery snails as pets in their aquariums because they are good-looking creatures. In addition to being entertaining to observe, these species are useful for cleaning aquariums.

There are several varieties of mystery snails, including ones with shells that are brown, white, or have black stripes or light brown markings.

They are great scavengers of various environments, including rivers, lakes, ponds, and many more, since they consume decomposing dead plant and animal materials. Since they can collect food at the bottom, they choose to reside there.

All throughout their lives, mystery snails develop, but as they approach maturity, the rate of growth significantly decreases. Aside from the growth rate, there are other factors to consider.

Why Is Your Mystery Snail Growing So Quickly?

Your mystery snail is growing so quickly due to several factors. Depending on the type of snail, they can develop very quickly if given an endless food supply. It takes about eight weeks for a snail egg to grow into an adult of 2–3 inches in size.

– It Could Be a Different Species of Apple Snail

One of the reasons your snails are growing so large is that they most likely belong to another species of apple snail, most likely a channeled apple snail. They are frequently referred to as “golden apple snails,” and they have a reputation for devouring aquatic vegetation, including lotus, taro, and water chestnut.

The wetlands around the world are at great risk from channeled apple snails, which can reach a diameter of 4 inches. They are indigenous to South America, and foreign nations generally import them for food and the advancement of aquaculture initiatives.

They are also commonly offered in pet stores and can be developed into aquarium snails. In light of this, if your snails are large, they are channeled apple snails rather than mystery snails.

It’s important to know that all mystery snails belong to the apple snail species. The large and diverse apple snail family includes several species, including mystery snails. Four-horned snails and golden Inca snails are a couple of the other well-liked kinds.

What Are the Primary Factors Affecting a Mystery Snail’s Growth?

The primary factors affecting a mystery snail’s growth are diet, tank conditions and water parameters. A snail that gets adequate food and at regular intervals will grow a lot faster than one that’s being fed suboptimally. Providing the snail with aquatic plants to eat can also speed up growth.

– Diet

How fast do aquarium snails grow? What the snails eat significantly affects how big they grow and how fast. The mystery snail’s diet has a big impact on how big it gets. In comparison to those that are not, the young mystery snails will grow considerably more quickly if they are fed well.

You can give them fresh vegetables, cereals, etc., to make sure they receive the nutrients they need to develop from babies to adults.

For the growth and development of mystery snails, a calcium-rich diet is crucial. A diet high in blanched greens like kale, spinach, and zucchini can supply it. Alternatively, you might give them cooked cuttlebone as a calcium supplement. The snails might also eat the live plants if they don’t get a lot of food and they’re undernourished.

– Aquarium Plant Life

It’s important to have the right plants and flora in the aquarium, particularly if the snails are young or in the growth phase. The scavenging of plants in their habitat is normal for mystery snails. Because mystery snails enjoy eating algae, you should also have some in your tank.

Your mystery snails’ balanced growth and development depend on their primary feed, which is vegetation.

– Adequate Water Parameters

Finally, for your young mystery snails to thrive, the tank must have the proper water conditions.

When proper water quality is not maintained, mystery snails have a difficult time surviving. For the unidentified snails, the following water parameter is ideal:

  • Water temperature: 68 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit
  • pH levels: 7.6 to 8.4
  • Water hardness: 12 to 18 dGH – There are ways to reduce the hardness of the water.

Copper is another issue to be aware of. Copper should be avoided in your tank because mystery snails are sensitive to it. You should examine your tap water because it frequently contains copper.

– Tank Size and Mates

You might also want to avoid overcrowding the tank if you want your snails to grow fast. How many mystery snails per gallon is it safe to add? The quick response is that you can keep one or two mystery snails per 5 gallons of water. Simply divide the aquarium’s capacity in gallons by five and multiply by two if you have a tank size larger than that.

If you’re adding tank mates, make sure you don’t introduce too many of them to overcrowd the tank. Some snail species you could introduce are Nerite snails, Malaysian trumpet snails, Ramshorn snails, Trumpet snails, and Japanese trapdoor snails.

Assassin snails are to be avoided as they could kill your mystery snails.

How Can You Breed and Grow Mystery Snails Easily?

You can breed and grow mystery snails easily by keeping both males and females in the same tank. This is because this species is not hermaphrodite, meaning that they can’t change gender. Provide adequate conditions for them, and you’ll have baby mystery snails to grow soon enough.

Breeding mystery snails is easier than most people have made it out to be. Simply purchase male and female snails from a reputable breeder, place them together in the same tank, and they will take care of the rest. So, mystery snail breeding is not very difficult.

The snails will mate on their own – you don’t necessarily need to change the water’s characteristics to get them to breed.

Even so, if you’d like, you can raise the water’s temperature by a few degrees. However, we advise against going any higher than 74 degrees because doing so could stress the animals out. How fast do mystery snails reproduce?

Quite fast! The female will create a cocoon soon after mating and lay her eggs. Mystery snails lay eggs above the water’s surface.


Since mystery snails can consume algae and have colorful shells, most hobbyists and aquarists would agree that they enjoy keeping them in their tanks.

The majority of novice hobbyists are curious about the snails’ growth rates, so here’s what we’ve learned:

  • In just 7 to 8 weeks, a mystery snail can develop into an adult measuring up to 2 to 3 inches in length.
  • The growth rate of individual snails varies slightly.
  • The size of an adult mystery snail should be comparable to a golf ball.
  • The mysterious snail’s diet significantly affects how big it grows.

To sum up, if you want your mystery snail to develop more quickly, you should provide it with enough food, enough water, and a calm atmosphere.

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