Boy, 10, calls big catch a ‘moment of a lifetime’ after fishing trip with his dad

A young fisherman in Florida is encouraging others to chase their dreams after a video showing him catching his record-breaking bass went viral. Ke’Mari Cooper, 10, of Tallahassee, Florida, was fishing at Waverly Pond Park recently with his father, Velt Cooper, when he was able to reel in the 7-pounder. He said the miraculous catch … Read more

Summertime bream: Catch bluegills, redears, pumpkinseeds and more right now

Years ago, in a fit of pique over a dud fishing trip to Wisconsin, I wrote a column belittling the lowly bream. My feelings were hurt after having made a long trip for walleyes and northern pike and finding that only bluegills were biting. I was even more irritated that local anglers in southern Wisconsin … Read more