Do Platies Need a Heater to Survive?

Do Platies Need a Heater to Survive? Platies are tropical freshwater fish, which means they’re accustomed to warmer waters. The ideal temperature range for platies is 72°F- 78°F. They will survive temperatures slightly below the low end of this range; however, the chances of developing health issues significantly increase in lower temperatures. High temperatures are … Read more

How to Take Care of Baby Platy Fish: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

This article was co-authored by Craig Morton. Craig Morton is the CEO of Aquarium Doctor Inc. based in Huntington Beach California and servicing Orange County, Los Angeles County, and the Inland Empire. With over 30 years of aquarium experience, Craig specializes in creating custom aquarium designs along with aquarium installation, service, and maintenance. wikiHow marks … Read more

How Long Is the Platy Birthing Process?

Platies are relatively small, live-bearing tropical fish originating in Central America. They are relatively low-maintenance and are easy to care for, making them ideal pet fish for inexperienced fish keepers. Breeding platies is also straightforward. In fact, if you place a male and female in a aquarium together, the chances are high that they’ll breed. … Read more

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Blue Mickey Mouse Platy Fish – Traits

Great for newbie aquarists, Blue Mickey Mouse Platy Fishes are engaging, hardy fish that are available in a wide range of colorations and coloration patterns. Platies are energetic, peaceable, schooling fish that blends properly with different community fish. Blue Mickey Mouse Platy profile One of essentially the most fascinating options of platies is that they’re … Read more

Pregnant Platy: Stages, Duration & All You Need to Know

Platies are livebearers, meaning they retain eggs inside the body (instead of laying them) and then give birth to active fry. If you’re a beginner with platies in your aquarium, this guide contains everything you need to know about pregnant platies, including signs, duration, stages, and proper care. Signs: How to tell a platy fish … Read more