The secret to turtle hibernation: Butt-breathing

Subscribe to Here’s the Deal, our politics newsletter for analysis you won’t find anywhere else. Thank you. Please check your inbox to confirm. Jacqueline Litzgus, The Conversation Jacqueline Litzgus, The Conversation To breathe or not to breathe, that is the question. What would happen if you were submerged in a pond where the water temperature … Read more

3 Ways to Keep Your Turtle Happy

This article was co-authored by Audra Barrios. Audra Barrios is a Marine Biologist and owner of Lick Your Eyeballs, a business offering experiemces, reptiles, supplies and plants. With over 15 years of experience, Audra specializes in reptiles and exotic animals, environmental education, marine biology, conservation issues, and animal husbandry. Audra earned a BASc in Marine … Read more

How Long Can Red-Eared Sliders Go Without Water?

Red-eared sliders are an extremely popular species of pet turtle that are mostly aquatic. But, just how long can they go without water? Red-eared sliders are considered a semi-aquatic species of turtle. “Semi-aquatic” means that they live most of their lives in the water. However, they aren’t in the water quite as much as say, … Read more