How Long Do Carnival Goldfish Live in a Home Aquarium?

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How long do carnival goldfish live in an aquarium? Carnival goldfish can live a pretty long life with proper and intentional care.

The oldest carnival goldfish lived 43 years. Although your goldfish may not live as long as this, following the tips discussed in this article can help your fish live a long and happy life.


  • How Long Can a Carnival Goldfish Live?
  • Why Do Carnival Goldfish Usually Die Fast?
  • How Long Do Carnival Goldfish Live Without Food?
  • How Can You Prolong the Lifespan of Your Carnival Goldfish?
  • Will a Bowl Shorten the Lifespan of a Carnival Goldfish?
  • Will a Carnival Goldfish Have a Longer Lifespan in a Pond?
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  • Conclusion

How Long Can a Carnival Goldfish Live?

A carnival goldfish can live for five to 10 years. Their lifespan, however, depends on their environment and the level of care you provide. It should help to know that your carnival goldfish can live for 20 years with proper care.

Why Do Carnival Goldfish Usually Die Fast?

Carnival goldfish usually die fast due to neglect and improper care. Such goldfish die within a few days after they’re won at carnivals and taken home.

This happens because the fish is already ill, weak, and malnourished due to the poor conditions they’re kept in before being awarded as prizes.

How Long Do Carnival Goldfish Live Without Food?

Carnival goldfish can live for up to two weeks without food. Nevertheless, because this fish requires a regular feeding schedule, it is best not to go that long. You should make provisions to feed your fish if you are away for more than three to four days.

How long do goldfish live without food if left alone at home? Because this fish has already suffered enough mistreatment, you shouldn’t leave it without food. If you have to leave home for a few days, ask a neighbor for help.

Alternatively, you can get an automatic fish feeder to feed your fish at the programmed time. If you do this, your carnival goldfish will live long and thank you for it.

How Can You Prolong the Lifespan of Your Carnival Goldfish?

You can prolong the lifespan of your carnival goldfish by providing optimum levels of care in terms of tank space, regular cleaning, proper diet and aquarium filtering. After winning your goldfish at the carnival, you should set up a proper tank asap and install all the required equipment.

– Use A Large Tank

Goldfish love swimming. Therefore, a large goldfish tank must keep this fish healthy and happy. It is ideal to use a minimum tank size of 30 gallons for goldfish species like the comet, shubunkins, and the common goldfish.

It is essential, however, to cover your aquarium with a lid or hood. The lid prevents your fish from leaping out of the tank. It is also excellent for keeping the tank clean and maintaining water levels.

– Install An Appropriate Filter

A filter improves water flow and prevents waste buildup in the fish tank.

Without efficient filtration, fish waste and uneaten food break down into harmful substances like ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. These substances stress your fish and reduce the goldfish lifespan.

– Cycle the Tank

Before adding your carnival goldfish to the tank, ensure the tank is cycled. Cycling establishes beneficial bacteria in the aquarium. These bacteria break down waste and prevent the accumulation of toxic substances like ammonia.

– Frequently Check Water Quality

Water quality for fish implies specific parameters. The goldfish thrives in a water temperature between 68 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit and a pH between 6.5 and 7.5

Goldfish are sensitive to water disturbances and may die in extreme conditions. It is, therefore, best to frequently check and adjust the tank conditions. You may need a water heater to maintain temperature and weekly water changes to maintain the pH.

– Feed Your Goldfish a Nutritious Diet

Goldfish are omnivores and will do well on aquarium fish flakes and pellets. Although goldfish typically eat anything you feed them, aim for high-protein foods like tubifex worms, brine shrimps, and water fleas. Goldfish eat blanched vegetables too. A nutritious diet extends your goldfish’s lifespan and makes your fish look colorful and vibrant.

Will a Bowl Shorten the Lifespan of a Carnival Goldfish?

Yes, a bowl will shorten the lifespan of a carnival goldfish if it’s kept in it for prolonged periods. A tiny fish bowl does not provide enough space for your goldfish to swim. In addition, your fish can experience anxiety and stress if there isn’t enough space to move around.

Furthermore, a smaller space means poorer water parameters. Keeping your goldfish in a bowl means there is increased susceptibility to illness and, consequently, a shorter lifespan.

Will a Carnival Goldfish Have a Longer Lifespan in a Pond?

Yes, a carnival goldfish will have a longer lifespan in a pond – between 10 and 25 years. This is because a pond is a perfect environment that allows your fish to thrive. In addition, it has a large volume and surface area, allowing maximum oxygen to enter the water.

Furthermore, although a pond is a natural habitat for goldfish, it is ideal to maintain good water parameters for maximum fish health.


– Do Carnival Goldfish Last Long in a Bag?

No, carnival goldfish don’t last long in a bag, and can only survive as long as there’s still oxygen. Usually, this time is between 8 and 12 hours in a normal bag. So if you’re keeping your fish in a bag, it’s best to transfer it into your aquarium fast.

– What’s the Lifespan of a Goldfish Living in the Wild?

The lifespan of a goldfish living in the wild is between 20 and 40 years. This lengthy lifespan is because of sufficient swimming space and more stable conditions in the wild. Usually, goldfish prefer sluggish waters and are primarily found in rivers, ponds, lakes, and marshes.

– How Does Water Volume Affect the Lifespan of a Carnival Goldfish?

Large water volumes affect the lifespan of a carnival goldfish positively. That’s because large water volumes are better cycled and have stable parameters ideal for a comfortable life. Goldfish thrive in larger water bodies. Therefore, they last longer in ponds and larger tanks than in fish bowls.

– Can Carnival Goldfish Survive for Long Outside Water?

Goldfish cannot survive for long outside water and might survive up to an hour. If there is still a little water, the fish may live up to three hours. Because goldfish need water to thrive, staying outside water can be detrimental to fish health.

If your fish jumps out of the tank into a puddle, it can still live for a while. Always put your fish back in the water if it jumps out accidentally. It is best to cover your aquarium with a lid to keep your fish contained.


After winning a goldfish at the carnival, providing adequate care is essential to keep the fish alive and healthy.

This article has discussed how to extend the lifespan of your goldfish:

  • Keeping your carnival goldfish healthy and living a full life will require a correctly sized tank, the right water conditions, and a good diet.
  • You can keep your carnival goldfish alive for up to 10 years, provided there is adequate care.
  • Because goldfish are omnivores, it is best to feed them a nutritious diet of brine shrimps, tubifex worms, and blanched vegetables.
  • A goldfish bowl is not ideal for a carnival goldfish. The bowl has limited space, leading to health issues in your fish.
  • Goldfish last longer in larger volumes of water. These have more stable water parameters as well.

If you recently won a fancy goldfish and want to keep it for a long time, this is an in-depth pet goldfish care guide to get you started.

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