Only one species of jellyfish ‘immortal’, but no lobster lives forever

“Lobsters and jellyfish are considered biological[ly] immortal,” reads a graphic circulating on Facebook in South Africa. “They don’t age and will never die unless they are killed.” The graphic shows two photos. On the left is the commonly known red lobster, on the right the Chrysaora hysoscella species of jellyfish. Are lobsters and jellyfish immortal, … Read more

Live Pet Jellyfish

Despite being the most common species, Moon Jellyfish are the most popular for their relaxing movement and attractive, almost mesmerising opaque white colour. Relatively easy to keep, Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) typically come from cold or mild water temperature environments, and so are already bred to be familiar with the type of water they’ll live … Read more

Everlasting life: the ‘immortal’ jellyfish

Everlasting life: the ‘immortal’ jellyfish The supposedly ‘immortal’ jellyfish Turritopsis dohrnii has captivated scientists since it was discovered decades ago. One of the first researchers to study it, Ferdinando Boero, looks at whether this amazing organism really can live forever The Biologist 63(3) p16-19 As with so many findings, the so-called ‘immortal jellyfish’ was discovered … Read more

Everything to Know About Jellyfish in the Florida Keys

Moon Jellyfish The moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) are commonly seen in the Florida Keys and live in temperate, coastal waters around the globe. They are comprised of 95% water, possessing no respiratory, excretory, or circulatory systems. They do, however, possess a fundamental nerve system connected to a nerve net that will respond to stimuli and … Read more

The strange life of the immortal jellyfish

Down through the ages, there have always been myths about immortality, that godlike ability to live forever. Well, sometimes myths can have a nugget of truth. Indeed, it was our scientists—more specifically, the marine biologists—who found a creature that comes closest to immortality: a tiny transparent jellyfish. Jellyfish are special in many ways. For starters, … Read more