How Long Does A Fish Live Without Food? Infographic Presentation

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If you are a fishkeeper then it is obvious to know the answer to how long does a fish live without food. This knowledge will help you to prepare a schedule for providing food to your fish in advance when you are not at home.

As a whole, ornamental fish live from 3 days to months without any food depending upon the species. As water temperature plays a significant role, so, in the winter season, the metabolic demands of fish remain less, being cold-blooded. So they eat little at that time. In planted tanks, they eat little too.

This two-line answer may not have satisfied you to gather proper knowledge on this topic. It is just an overview. We’ll discuss it comprehensively. So without wasting time let’s dive deep into the topic.

How long does a baby fish live without food?

As a whole baby fish/fries of different species start dying off from 5 days to 7 days if they do not get food. However, it is recommended to start providing food to them, 3 days after coming out from eggs. As a thumb rule, 1 pellet is enough for 5 fish fries as food but that must be crushed well.

Fish fries can’t eat any normal fish food just because of their very little mouth size. So some beginner aquarists may be confused by thinking about how to feed them. It is not so difficult at all.

In the very first couple of days, they can arrange their food from their egg yolk. They can get energy from it. So you don’t need to think about it from the very first day. However, from the 3rd day, you should try to provide food to them.

At this time, they cannot digest normal food as we have discussed. So you have to crush pellets well. It should be powder. Now you can pour on the surface of the water.

This ratio should be increased by 20% every week. It is because at this time fish fries grow very quickly and their appetite grows along with it. So if they don’t grow enough food the growth will be slow enough.

Up to the first two weeks, you can provide food two times a day to baby fish. Two weeks later food should be provided three times a day depending upon the species.

Make sure not to have a high current in the water. Baby fish may not find food due to this. Not only that, but the fish tank must be small enough too. In a big fish tank, fish fries can’t find their food. So algae grow quickly due to this in that tank which is not good for that fish tank.

You may hear that brine shrimps are a good option as food for fish fries. It is correct because it consists of a total of 61% of the protein that plays a significant role in their growth during this time. However, you may not know from where & what to purchase exactly. Don’t worry, here we are providing quality brine shrimp from Amazon to you. From this link, you can purchase this food for your baby fish.

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How long does a goldfish live without food?

Goldfish can live from 3 days to months without food. This time range varies along with the temperature of the water. Warmer water temperature increases the appetite along with the metabolic demands. So goldfish consume more food in warm water. However, 30% of the protein in diets is a must regardless of the temperature.

Goldfish are not a small fish species. It requires a sufficient amount of food to live healthily. Protein is a must in its diet. So you have to provide quality food.

Here we are recommending a special goldfish food which we use for our goldfish. It can provide a balanced diet to your goldfish and they will grow quicker. Fortunately, this is available on Amazon and you can purchase it from this link.

Can I leave my goldfish for 2 days without food?

Goldfish can live comfortably for 2 days without food. However, it is not recommended to leave it for more than 3-5 days without food depending upon its size. In addition, if the water temperature is low then it can live more days due to lack of metabolic demands.

We said that water temperature plays a significant role in the appetite of goldfish. Now it seems confusing to newbies. So we are presenting an infographic to justify it.

How long do cichlids live without food?

As a whole, cichlids can live without food for 7 days to months depending upon their type, size, and water temperature. Generally, in a low water temperature cichlids do not move away from their territory. This consumes less energy and allows cichlids to live healthy for days without food.

Most of the cichlids are very aggressive and territorial in nature. Firstly, they show aggression if they don’t get enough food. After that, they may gradually become timid. However, it depends on the fish types.

You must know cichlids need small amounts of food several times a day. It helps to keep their aggression in control. You must provide such a quantity of food which should be finished within the first 30 seconds by them. It is the thumb rule for cichlids to feed them.

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How long does a koi live without food?

In the outside pond, koi can live without food for months in winter while in summer they can live for weeks without quality food, only by eating algae & aquatic plants. However, in a sterile aquarium, it can go for weeks, even months without being fed depending upon water temperature if they were fed well previously.

Koi lives well in the pond. It grows up to 36 inches in the outside pond. However, it can’t acquire this huge length in an aquarium.

Now in the outside pond, they rely on algae and different types of aquatic plants as their food. So as a fishkeeper you don’t need to provide external food if the pond is full of biodiversity unless you want to grow them quickly.

In winter koi don’t eat much just because they are cold-blooded. Their body temperature depends on the water temperature. So during this time, their metabolism rate slows down and this is why they don’t eat much at this time. So due to this cause it seems koi can live without food for months.

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How long does a betta fish live without food?

An adult betta fish can live for a maximum of two weeks without being fed. However, at this point, it starts losing its vibrant colors and fins. Not only that, but this starvation affects its immune system too. So, it is recommended not to leave a betta fish without providing food for more than 5-7 days.

Bettas are sophisticated fish that you can keep as a pet. It is considered sophisticated just because of its outlook. Now if they do not get quality food for a long period of time then they will be lethargic.

Not only that, but its body color will be pale enough which is its main attraction. So if you keep betta fish as a pet then try to avoid more than a 5 days gap without giving them quality food.

If your betta fish is still losing its color then you try Atison’s Betta Pro. It is tried and tested by various researchers. You can get it from Amazon.

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How long do danios fish live without food?

A healthy zebra danio can live up to two weeks without taking food in a sterile tank. However, it will be so bad for danios because after this time range they will be very sick. In reality, it won’t happen because danios eat algae, microorganisms, insects, etc. So they won’t die due to starvation in cycled tanks.

Now if you have an old fish tank then danios can live there happily without any uncomfortability. However, in this type of tank danios can’t stave just because of diversity. It can get food from various stockings of the aquarium.

However, a 1-3 day skip is manageable. It helps to improve the condition of the tank.

You must know a thumb rule of providing food to your fish. Fish eat foods within the first two minutes. So the quantity of food provided should be checked according to this rule. Excessive food may foul water which is not good for aquariums.

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How long does a tetra fish live without food?

Tetras can live up to 10 days depending upon the health & habit of the fish and the condition of the tank. If the tank is heavily planted then tetras can live here up to 3-4 weeks without proper feeding. During this time, they can arrange food from plants. However, these may not be sufficient for a long period of time.

Tetra fish are very small like guppies and they are omnivores. This is why it is hard to keep them unfed.

It is because if you don’t give them any external food then also it can arrange their food. However, it is not possible in a sterile bare tank. This is why it is quite difficult to measure how many days tetras can live without food in a planted tank.

If they don’t get external food then they go for insects. However, this activity can’t help them to get proper nutrition. So you shouldn’t keep them unfed for more than 5 days.

How long does a flowerhorn live without food?

Despite being a very strong fish, a full-grown flowerhorn may not live healthy for more than two weeks to one month without food. In the winter season, it doesn’t need so much external food due to a lack of metabolic demands. Furthermore, when they don’t get enough food then they start using their body fat.

As flowerhorn is a greedy eater so you should not keep them unfed for a long period of time. If you want to keep your flowerhorn healthy then it is a must to provide it quality food an average of 3 times a day.

If you have flowerhorn then it is a must to provide some extra quality food for its growth. Some aquarists can’t provide them just because of a lack of knowledge and guidance. Here we are recommending Okiko flowerhorn protein food for your little pet. You can purchase it from Amazon.

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How long does a glofish live without food?

Glofish can’t live more than 7-10 days without proper feeding. As these are developed from danios, tetras and barbs so characteristics of glofish are just like them. Despite being hardy fish, it should be fed quality live food. Otherwise, it will get sick due to not getting proper nutrition.

So best of luck & happy fish keeping

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