How long does aquarium excrement decompose naturally, how is aquarium excrement cleaned?

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It usually takes 2-3 days for the feces in the fish tank to decompose. The time of decomposition is usually related to its composition, and the higher the content of starch, the slower the decomposition rate. And if the filtration system in the fish tank is good, it will also accelerate the decomposition, and if it is fast, it will only take half a day. In addition, you can add a wave machine in the tank, which can break the fish manure, so as to speed up the decomposition time.

1. Raising tool fish: If you want to clean up the feces in the fish tank, the simplest way is to raise some tool fish, such as scavengers, and you can also raise some other aquatic animals that eat feces, such as black shell shrimp. It should be noted that although they eat, they also excrete, so they can only be solved temporarily, and can not be fundamentally dealt with.

2. Water change and cleaning: It is necessary to change the water for fish farming. When changing the water, you can also clean up the feces in the fish tank. Can pump water from the bottom, you can also use the siphon method to discharge water, so that the bottom of the cylinder to clean up the dirt out, and then from the cylinder wall into the new water on it.

3. Strengthen filtration: If the filtration system is good, the heterotrophic bacteria will decompose the feces, and the ammonia nitrogen produced will be transformed by the nitrifying bacteria, thus becoming nitrate which is harmless to the fish, and can also be absorbed by the aquatic plants, which is also helpful to their growth.

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