How To Fishless Cycle a Tank With Ammonia (Complete Guide)

Cycling an aquarium is extremely important. It helps to establish healthy bacteria levels in the substrate and tank water. Many aquarium owners thing the only way to cycle a tank is with hardy fish. In reality, cycling is possible with or without fish present in the tank. For reasons discussed below, fishless cycling is highly … Read more

4 Ways to Cycle a Fish Tank

This article was co-authored by Aaron Bernard. Aaron Bernard is an Aquarium Specialist and the Owner of Limited Edition Corals in Phoenix, Arizona. With over ten years of experience, Aaron specializes in aquarium maintenance, custom design, manufacture, installation, and moving. Aaron holds a BS in Biochemistry from Arizona State University, where he studied the effects … Read more

The Nitrogen Cycle – Centreville Aquarium

By Chelsea Gray When starting a new tank, you must wait a month before you can fully stock it with fish. The reason for this waiting period is because you need to build up your tank’s biological filtration. The biological filtration is what decomposes dangerous ammonia into generally harmless nitrate. Before discussing the nitrogen cycle … Read more

Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle | Cycling Methods | Ammonia & Nitrates

Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle Sections Included: The Internets most in depth/updated Nitrogen Cycle article!! Frequently Asked Questions/Answers (1) Introduction (2) What is Nitrogen (3) Non-Nitrogen wastes (4) Nitrification; Nitrifying Bacteria, and an Ammonia Chart Also, *Key Points about Ammonia (5) De-Nitrification (6) Bio-Filtration Including *Use of Medication on Bio-Filtration) (7) Methods of Aquarium Cycling: Including *Fishless … Read more