Slack Tide Strategies

Slack Tide Strategies I used to cringe when I looked at the tide predictions and it showed two inches of movement all day. Water movement causes forage species to become more active and usually the predators we target with spots, specks and both eyes on one side will commence feeding. Regular clients who have been … Read more


IntroductionThe tidal force is the gravitational pull of moon and sunResponse to tidal force depends on shoreline and ocean bottomSetting and using tide clocksTidal currentsSan Francisco BayAround Angel IslandWater level and current velocityA new reference station for the central bay regionCurrents in the central part of San Francisco BayUsing theory and the computer to predict … Read more

NOAA Tides & Currents

All of our online data services have limitations on the amount (length) of data which can be retrieved through a single data query. These limitations are necessary to prevent large data requests from slowing or preventing data access to our customers. The data length limitation are based on the interval of the data being retrieved. … Read more

The Rule Of Twelfths

Advertisement Tide tables tell you three important things for any given place: time of high tide, time of low tide, and heights of each. Here’s how to figure out the times in between. For a real-world example of this great technique, see Figure 1 and follow a shallow-water journey. (Illustration: ©2016 Mirto Art Studios) When … Read more