Do i have to quarantine my new fish? Get the Answers.

If you get all your fish from windsor fish hatchery, you’re probably already sharing our biodiversity” in your pond or aquarium, so we feel it’s safe to add them without quarantining. However, if you buy from multiple sources, then it’s a good idea to quarantine. keeping in mind it’s critical to provide a suitable environment. … Read more

Quarantine Tank – A Home Aquarium Life-Saver!

Quarantine Tank – A Home Aquarium Life-Saver! by Stephanie Lamprea What is a Quarantine Tank? A Quarantine Tank is a separate home aquarium that houses and acclimates new fishes or corals for a period of time before inserting them into your display tank. It is the perfect environment to observe new livestock for any diseases/infections … Read more

The Importance of a Quarantine Tank

The practice of quarantining new aquarium arrivals is a fundamental part of proper aquarium husbandry. Surprisingly, many aquarium hobbyists either forget or do not quarantine new aquarium additions. Quarantine tanks should be used by all members of the aquarium hobby prior to introducing any new aquatic life. Every time we introduce new aquatic life to … Read more

Quarantine for fish

Quarantine for fish Quarantine is also a common practice for aquarists. It can occur at different stages of development of fish and aquatic animal species.Before the animal is introduced into the aquarium, it must be checked to ensure that it does not contain any pathogens that could contaminate other inhabitants. A quarantine in this case, … Read more