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Smoked fish—essentially priced as a luxury item today—likely had quite humbler origins. Fish and other meats were salt-cured and kept at low heat for some time to preserve them. Smoke was simply a by-product from the heat source. However, as we all know, consuming smoke can be pleasurable, and having fish that tastes like it … Read more

Salmon Candy Recipe [Smoked Salmon Jerky]-

Episode 205: Seafood Gets Smoked Salmon Candy Steven Raichlen Tradition calls for cold- or cool-smoking the salmon candy, producing a chewy texture reminiscent of jerky. I opt for a higher temperature, which gives you crusty edges and a moist flaky texture. It’s damn near irresistible, even for people who don’t generally like smoked fish. Serve … Read more

Smoked Cod

By adding subtle flavors with a wet brine and smoking low and slow, this smoked cod has a slightly sweet, but complex flavor. Who doesn’t love smoked recipes – from smoked shrimp to smoked carnitas to smoked lobster tails to smoked spatchcock chicken to smoked hot dogs. But let’s be honest, when a lot of … Read more