How often do fish respawn in Genshin Impact? | Respawn rates of Genshin Impact fishing spots

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Fishing is a game system in Genshin Impact that involves crafting bait to catch different types of fish scattered throughout Tevyat. The 20 types of fish are each attracted to a single specific bait.

After you’re done with fishing, you will notice a ripple effect in the water which indicates that available fishing spots will disappear once all its fish have been caught, and will return only when their respawn timer ends.

Has this gotten you curious about the respawn rates of fishing spots in Genshin Impact? Make sure to read the rest of our guide on fishing respawn rates in Genshin Impact, below.

How often do fish respawn in Genshin Impact?

Unlike the older method of catching fish, the new fishing spots in Genshin Impact use a different respawn timer than the fish that you catch while swimming. The fish caught through the regular, older method respawn every day.

Genshin Impact players will have to wait three whole days in real time to have the fishing spots refilled, however. Once you have emptied a particular fishing spot, you will have to wait 72 hours in real time for the fish to inhabit the waters again.

While a lot of players would be completely fine with this waiting period, not everyone can calm their aquatic hunting tendencies. A common piece of information you may have heard to rectify this rather long waiting period is to change the date on your console or computer, which unfortunately does not work.

What does work, however, is visiting the various fishing spots in other Genshin Impact players’ worlds. You can visit one of your friends’ worlds and fish in the 27 possible fishing spots present there. Even if you happen to have no friends that you can join, the game’s matchmaking system easily helps players to find other players’ worlds to travel to.

But this method should only come into consideration when you have exhausted every fishing spot in your own world since there are—of course—27 different fishing spots in your world as well, where you can catch 20 different species of fish.

Across the world of Tevyat, you should find that:

  • In Liyue, there are 11 fishing spots.
  • In Mondstadt, there are 8 fishing spots.
  • In Inazuma, there are 8 fishing spots.

Furthermore, players can use one fishing spot twice: once during the day, and once during the night. After using both fishing opportunities in one spot is when the game initiates the fish respawn timer of 72 hours.

The nighttime is also considered ideal for fishing in Genshin Impact, since the fishing catch rate increases at night.

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