How to get Salmon in Horizon Forbidden West

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Horizon Forbidden West is full of crafting resources that are scattered around the map, and Salmon is just one of the many such resources that players will eventually need to find. Considering how many items are placed in the open world, it can be hard to tell where each is found.

Fishes, in particular, are odd because there is no fishing system and no way to outright purchase Salmon when it’s needed. Most resources in the game are either found in abundance all over the ground (regardless of the biome) or can be obtained by taking down specific machines. For fish though, players will need to go out of their way to grab the creatures.

Where to catch Salmon in Horizon Forbidden West

Compared to other animals in the game, fish are fairly rare in Horizon Forbidden West, and Salmon are even harder to find. This is due to how the fish are split up into bodies of water across the west. For example, Moonfish are typically found deep underwater in larger bodies of water, like on the coasts. For Salmon, players will need to look north for shallow water and snowy landscapes.

Catching Salmon in Horizon Forbidden West:

  • Look in the northern areas of the map for rivers or small ponds.
  • Areas that are in the snowy portions of the map or around them will usually contain the right fish.
  • Places like Bonewhite Tear Rebel Camp are good spots to investigate.
  • Unlike Moonfish, players will usually be able to shoot the Salmon with a projectile to kill it and harvest the parts.
  • In case the fishes are too deep below the water to shoot, players will need to swim underwater and get close enough to grab them.
  • Earning the Diving Mask will ensure that collecting fish underwater is much easier.
  • Using the focus pulse will highlight any fish that are in the area as well.

There is no limit to collecting fish, so players should catch as many as they can whenever they get the chance.

What is Salmon used for in Horizon Forbidden West?

There is no other real use for most fish beyond crafting components. Most weapons on the upgrade bench will require rare machine parts, so animals like fish are generally used for resource pouch upgrades.

What players really need when they grab Salmon is the bones and the skin of the fish. Some parts of the fish are rarer than others, and it is up to chance whether purple or blue rarity resources will appear upon a catch. However, when enough are collected, upgrading pouches across the board will be far easier.

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