How to Make an Egg Float

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Fresh eggs sink and older eggs float. Eggs have an air cell that become bigger as they age. Once the air pocket is big enough to make the egg less dense than water the egg floats!!

Another way to make an egg float is to increase the density of the water the egg is in! Once the water becomes denser than the egg, the egg will float.

This easy kitchen science experiment just needs salt, water and a container.

Image of children doing an egg experiment, using salt and water

How to make an egg float

You’ll need:

  • A bowl or large glass
  • Tap water
  • Table salt
  • Fresh Egg


  • Fill the bowl or glass about ⅔ full with tap water.
  • Drop the egg carefully into the bowl and watch as it sinks to the bottom.
  • Remove the egg and add salt to the water stirring continuously. Keep adding salt until the egg floats.

Image shows one glass filled with salt water with an egg floating on the surface and one glass filled with fresh water with the egg at the bottom.

Why does an egg float in salty water?

Objects sink when they are more dense than the water and float if they are less dense than water.

Adding salt increases the density of the water.

Once the water is more dense than the egg, the egg floats.

egg floating in salt water

You could also try other objects and see what else you can make float. Why not try one of my other sink or float experiments?

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  1. This is one of the first science ‘tricks’ I remember from primary school days :0) its cool!

  2. I love science experiments like this! Can’t wait to try it.

  3. Mmmh, I am sure I was told a floating egg is a bad egg.. is this how you can play tricks on people too? 🙂

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  4. What a fun experiment. I can’t wait to put this experiment into our science lessons. I can’t believe how many fun experiments you do on your site. Educational and fun.

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  5. That is so cool. I never knew you could do that (unless the egg was bad) Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness.

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  7. I am doing this to show my class room 6.

  8. Wow so cool

    Had fun helping my daughter make it

  9. This is the best prank to pull on my son. He is in collage and he is a great chef. knows everything! Thanks.

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