How To Marinate Fish

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Fish is one of the most healthy products, the consumption of which is mandatory at least several times a week. There is a large variety of fish species that can be prepared in a number of ways, according to your preferences and taste. A specialty of every table and it contains many healthy substances that contribute to the proper functioning processes in the body. It is also very tasty.

As we mentioned, you can prepare your favorite type of fish in different ways. One of them is by marinating the fish. A popular method of preparation, which is used by many fans of this product who want to stock up for a long time. Some have grown up with marinated fish and others are just discovering this culinary wonder. If you want to try it – here’s how to marinate fish:

Of course, you must first clean the fish – remove the tail and head, as well as the entrails. The blood vessel, located next to the bone, needs to be cleaned.

Then you have to start making the brine. You need coarse salt, which you need to dissolve in a suitable container. You will find out that your fish brine is ready by applying the following trick. Put a raw egg inside and wait for it to show up on the surface.

If the diameter of the part that appears on the surface is as big as a 25 cent coin, then you are ready. Pour the brine you prepared over the fish and place a lid to make sure it stays put. Depending on the size, let it sit for a while. Smaller fish need 12 hours and larger ones 24 hours. When the time is up, remove and strain it from the brine.

Fish in Marinade

Put the fish in a bowl and pour vinegar over it. Leave to sit for 12 hours and strain it again. Then arrange the pieces in jars. Fry some oil, which is then left to cool. Once this is done, fill the jars of fish with the oil. They will be ready for consumption in about 20 days. Your marinated fish is ready!

If desired and by taste, you can add soy sauce or spices to the fish marinade, as long as you like the fish prepared in this way. You can try the standard way once and then experiment. It’s a matter of taste and preferences. There we go! Marinating fish is not such a difficult task!

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