how to restore old rusty fishing hooks

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Haha…If I took all boxes with me on each trip — I would need a bigger boat !!

The trick is, have a fishing tackle box (used box)…and a storage tackle box. The fishing box only needs to hold what you want to use on that trip, so in most cases if it fits in your pocket it is big enough. It only has to hold a few hooks, some sinkers and a couple of swivels etc, and Unce’s ya Bobble.
It is like having a shop front with you…But back at home is your warehouse
I like your idea though…I am going to give it a try…This is the little reel, it is a 2000. I don’t know if salt and lemon juice will work OK on an aluminum spool, but we will find out…
As you can see it is a CX2000R. Frankly, not worth restoring, which is probably why I have not bothered with it yet.
But, it would be interesting to see if your lemon and salt works on this. Also, the reel itself is seized. Obviously, a seized reel means a strip down. This might be worthy of a new Topic. I am not overly familiar with the CX2000R. I assume the R means rear drag, as this little baby has a rear drag. The body looks similar to the IX and RX so I would assume they have used bushes rather than ball races…All right, I will give it a go and see what I can’t do with it !!

itsaboat mate…Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !

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