Live Pet Jellyfish

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Despite being the most common species, Moon Jellyfish are the most popular for their relaxing movement and attractive, almost mesmerising opaque white colour.

Relatively easy to keep, Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) typically come from cold or mild water temperature environments, and so are already bred to be familiar with the type of water they’ll live in during their stay in your tank.

As they are the most common species, the methods for looking after these jellyfish are well established and quite straightforward.

Moon Jellyfish Facts

  • Lifespan: Up to 24 months
  • Sting: None
  • Water Temperature: 18-24°C
  • Food: Baby Brine Shrimp, or JellyFuel
  • Maximum Size: 30cm (12 inches)
  • Compatible with: None, must only be kept with other Moon Jellyfish

See Moon Jellyfish In Action

Compatible Species

Moon Jellyfish should only be kept in close proximity with other Moon Jellies.

Moon Jellyfish Size Guide

Moon Jellyfish grow (and shrink) in size depending on the amount of food they are given. For this reason they make great starter pets, as their size can be easily manipulated to the size of the tank.

Our Jellyfish are sold at a young age, therefore offering you the maximum possible lifespan for your fish. There is no need for you to select a size; we send a mixture of young jellyfish sizes when ordering. These are:

  • ‘Juvenile’ size (roughly 2.5cm (1 inch) in diameter)

Moon Jellyfish Lifespan Guide

Moon Jellyfish have some of the longest life spans of any of our pet jellyfish, and can typically live for up to and, if treated well, 2 years.

Caring for Moon Jellyfish

This is the most common jellyfish that you’ll find in jellyfish stores, famous for their opaque white color and relaxing swimming movements. It’s also relatively easy to keep, and the husbandry is very well established.

Moon Jellyfish tend to come from cold to temperate waters, and are bred commercially due to their versatility and environmental friendliness, so ask your dealer what kind of jellyfish strain they stock, with a preference to temperate strains.

The Moon Jellyfish we provide are from a temperate environment, and so a chiller is not required for keeping Moon jellies in any of our jellyfish tanks.

If buying Moon Jellyfish from an aquatics retailer, we’d recommend to check with your retailer to ensure your Moon Jellyfish will be suitable with your tank. If they come from cold water environments, it may be necessary to have a chiller running in your jellyfish tank. For Moon Jellyfish provided through our online store, no chiller is required.

Moon Jellyfish can feed on live (enriched) baby brine shrimp, frozen baby brine shrimp, Ocean Nutrition Instant Baby Brine, JellyFuel, and frozen copepods once a day. Moon jellyfish prefers a slow to medium speed of water flow, which is easily adjusted with any of our aquariums.

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