Photo #1 – My 55 Gallon Cichlid Tank. – 2 Electric Blue Joha…

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State: Iowa

Country: United States

Description: 55 gallon tank, 2 Whisper 60 filters, standard hood and light strip with a 50/50 Actinic bulb, 1 air stone.

Advice: Don’t eat the yellow snow.

Fish Kept: 2 Electric Blue Johannii Cichlids 1 Electric Yellow Cichlid 3 Jewel Cichlids 3 Red Zebra 25 Blue Kenyi Cichlids (mom and fry) 3 Golden Julie Cichlids 1 Bumblebee Cichlid 1 Powder Blue Socolofi Cichlid 1 Albino Cichlid 2 Small Convicts 1 Pleco >>We also have a 10 gallon with 20 newborn Electric Yellow and 22 newborn Golden Julies.

Corals/Plants: Black Gravel, 3 artificial plants, and a bunch of large rocks collected from a local riverbank,

Tank Size: 55 gallons

Quote: “I was told there’d be no math.”

About Yourself: When my girlfriend moved in, she brought along a 10 gallon with a crawdad…when it died, I decided to put some goldfish in the tank. We then we got a 20 gallon, and then the 55 I have now. We also have a 30 gallon with a few Oscars in it, and a 10 gallon ‘nursery’ tank with 40+ Cichlid fry.


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