Red Dead Online: Most Profitable Fish

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Since its release, Red Dead Redemption 2 has proven itself to be one of the most immersive video games of the decade. From everything to jaw-dropping landscapes, roaming wildlife, and insanely intense gunfights, both the offline experience and the online component Red Dead Online seemingly have it all.

When it comes to fishing in Red Dead Online, the game’s developers arguably raise the bar considerably higher than any game before it. There are 15 different species of fish to seek out and catch in the vast world of Red Dead Online and each one has its own unique traits.

Updated March 2, 2021, by Thomas Bowen: There are plenty of ways to make money in Red Dead Online. Few, however, are quite as relaxing as fishing. It’s not only a great way to accrue cash though, but also a nice way of exploring the game’s varied and often stunning environments as well. Some species of fish can only be caught in certain areas; meaning that those hoping to catch them all will need to do a fair bit of traveling. It’s definitely worth it though, with some fish worth as much as $5 a pop to the right merchants.

15 Bluegill ($0.75)

These tiny freshwater fish are incredibly common and are attracted to various types of bait. Any anglers hoping to catch them can do so in just about any body of water throughout the game, although they’re most commonly found in lakes and rivers.

The good news is that unlike some of the other fish in the game, the value of bluegills is the same all over the country meaning there’s no need to ride from town to town in order to get the best price. Sadly though, the best price is $0.75, which makes the bluegill the least valuable fish in Red Dead.

14 Bullhead Catfish ($0.94)

Coming in at a close second is the bullhead catfish, which will also net players a measly 75 cents if sold in St. Denis or Rhodes. Thankfully, the value does jump up a little elsewhere though, with other traders offering just shy of a dollar for those willing to travel a little.

They’re found mainly in the swampy waters of Lemoyne and have a particular fondness for corn. That said, other baits like cheese and bread can be just as effective at enticing the fish. Like many of the game’s other fish, bullhead catfish are a lot more active when it rains.

13 Chain Pickerel ($1.00)

The most prevalent fish an outlaw can find is the Chain Pickerel. This fish can be found in nearly every river, lake, and swamp in Red Dead Online. Although the Chain Pickerel will only make a player $1.00 per fish, it is virtually free to catch.

The Chain Pickerel can be caught using the free bread an outlaw always has in their satchel. More importantly, a player can carry up to ten of these little guys at a time.

12 Redfin Pickerel ($1.00)

Anybody hoping to catch themselves some redfin pickerels will need to head south, as they’re incredibly hard to come by in the northern part of the country. Thankfully though, these tiny little fish are incredibly easy to catch once they’ve been found. They’re attracted to most food baits and are active rain or shine.

It may be easy to catch them, but making a decent profit out of them can be a little more difficult. They sell for a dollar in most places, although it is possible to pick up an extra 25 cents per fish by instead taking them to the trapper over in New Hannover.

11 Rock Bass ($1.00)

Rock bass are attracted to natural baits, but also have a fondness for cheese. They typically stay near the water’s surface and can be found in bodies of clear water up and down the country. As most players will have likely noticed already, they’re one of the few species of fish that enjoy sunny weather.

Most vendors will pay $1 for a Rock Bass, although it’s possible to get a better price by traveling to St. Denis. There, the fish can be sold for $1.25; so it can definitely be worth the extra effort when selling more than just a few of them.

10 Perch ($1.25)

Perch are one of the most common fish in the game and can be found in lakes and rivers all over the map. They respond best to bread, although will go for just about any type of bait if it dangles in front of them for long enough. They hate the rain, meaning the best time to catch them is when it’s sunny and dry.

Perch can sell for a very respectable $1.25 in Rhodes or St. Denis and this is the same price offered by the Tall Trees trapper. Anywhere else though, and the best players can expect to make is a dollar for every fish they sell.

9 Smallmouth Bass ($2.00)

A fish not to be underestimated is the Smallmouth Bass. This clever little devil can weigh up to six pounds and is worth $2.00, or a nice-sized portion of flaky fish meat. The Smallmouth Bass prefers crickets over lures and is active rain or shine.

A hungry outlaw can find the Smallmouth Bass in Lake Don Julio south of Armadillo, on the Upper Montana River directly south of Riggs Station, and the west coast of Flat Iron Lake.

8 Largemouth Bass ($2.00)

The Largemouth Bass fights hard and gives outlaws a feeling of accomplishment when reeled in. Skilled fishermen can find this prize fish all over the southern map.

From the southern tip of the San Luis River below Tumbleweed to the coasts of Iron Lake to the swamps of Lemoyne, the Largemouth Bass can be seen jumping out of the water. They are most active on rainy days and have a taste for crawfish. The Largemouth Bass is worth $2.00.

7 Longnose Gar ($3.13)

If an outlaw wants a challenge, the Longnose Gar is a great place to start. The Longnose Gar can be as long as six feet and weigh up to 20 pounds. Sadly, for the size of the fish, it will only net players $3.13.

The Longnose Gar can only be found in the swamps of Lemoyne; in Blue Water Mash and in the shallow water a few feet away from Lakay. This monster loves overcast weather and Swamp Lures.

6 Channel Catfish ($3.13)

The Channel Catfish is a monster fish that can weigh anywhere from 14 to 20 pounds. This fish loves muddy swamp waters, natural baits, and overcast weather. The Channel Catfish can also be caught with a Swamp Lure.

A determined player can find this fish on the Kamassa River as it flows through Lemoyne, northeast of San Dennis. An outlaw can also find it on the banks of the Lannahechee River. The Channel Catfish will net an outlaw up to $3.13.

5 Lake Sturgeon ($4.00)

The Lake Sturgeon is one of the largest fish in Red Dead Online. The Lake Sturgeon can weigh up to 20 pounds and bring in $4.00 to the seasoned fishermen.

The Lake Sturgeon can be found on the west banks of Iron Lake, as well as throughout the swamps of Lemoyne. The only downside of reeling in a Lake Sturgeon is that a player can only carry one at a time on the back of their horse.

4 Sockeye Salmon ($4.25)

The Sockeye Salmon can be spotted swimming upstream in a fast-flowing cold river. The best chance of hooking one of these big guys is on an overcast day using a river lure. Coming in at a decent weight of six pounds, the Sockeye Salmon is worth $4.25.

Sockeye Salmon reside north of Big Valley in the Little Creek River and the northern part of the Dakota River, in the area around Bacchus Bridge, just north of Fort Wallace.

3 Steelhead Trout ($4.25)

Much like the Sockeye Salmon, the Steelhead Trout is a worthy opponent for the outlaw fishermen of Red Dead Online. This fish is worth $4.25 per fish to those dedicated to the thrill of the catch.

The Steelhead Trout can be found where the Dakota River feeds into Flat Iron Lake, the Lower Montana River just west of Thieves Landing, and in the San Luis river south of Manteca Falls. This hard-fighting fish loves worms and rainy weather.

2 Muskie ($5.00)

The Muskie is the most elusive fish on this list. It loves the icy cold water of West Elizabeth, Ambarino and New Hanover. The best places to track down this beast are on the Owanjila west of Strawberry, Lake Isabella, and in the northern part of the Kamassa River near Brandywine Drop.

Bagging a Muskie can be lucrative and make players up to $5.00. The Muskie does not go after live bait, yet can be enticed with Lake Lures.

1 Northern Pike ($5.00)

Arguably the most enjoyable fish to hook is the Northern Pike. The Northern Pike is one of the most aggressive fish in Red Dead Online. They can be seen north of Van Horn, north of Annasburg on the Kamassa River, and the Dakota River north of Valentine.

The Northern Pike can be sold for $5.00 to any butcher and can weigh anywhere from 14 to 20 pounds. River Lures and worms work best for attracting this beauty.

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