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Spotted Gar

Drawing of Spotted Gar

Picture couresy of Arkansas Game Fish

Name: Spotted Gar

Lepisosteus oculatus


Great Lakes Region and the Rio Grande Region


Slough habitat; warm waters in lakes and large streams

Status: Not threatened
in the wild:

Wide variety of other fish

Diet in the zoo: Same
in the zoo:

James R. Record Aquarium

spotted gar fish

Picture from Texas Parks and Wildlife


These fish can be a fisherman’s
toughest competition. The Spotted Gar was known as the Lepisosteus
productus up until the early 60s. The Gar are special because
there are only about 10 species left. Spotted gar are one of the
most prominent.

anatomical, physiological

or behavioral adaptations:

The Spotted Gar has a
very strong snout that is full of sharp teeth. Gar comes from the
word “spear” in the Anglo Saxon language. The snouts have shown to
be very useful in catching prey. The way these fish move when hunting
their prey is the very opposite from how they move most of the time.
When on the prowl, these gar move very fast and swift. Any other
time they are very slow and have an easy going pace. The spots along
the body, head, and snout of the gar can be used as a camouflage when wanting
to hide. Their fins are like most other bony fish, flexible and very
strong. The dorsal fin is in the back near the tail fin.


The Gar at the Fort Worth
Zoo are a bit smaller than the average size mentioned earlier. They
are seen to be almost scary with their snouts and teeth that are always
showing. When fed, the Spotted gar looks like a miniature alligator.
These fish move slowly while swimming through the water. They get
in no hurry until lunch time. The spotted gar were staying away from
the windows at the aquarium during several times when I observed them.

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