Tiemco Cicada Origin Lures for black bass

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Cicada Origin is an effective lure for patterns that produce falling insects, such as threaded fields, lakes that prey on many insects, and field ponds. Since the wings are made of transparent soft plastic, they are strong against impacts and produce soft ripples and sounds that do not make the fish feel uncomfortable. The soft wing of the calculated shape enables sharp and quick pitch action, and by shaking the rod lightly, anyone can easily drop and create an insect that struggles. We support a wide range from shake to retrieve.


is a well-known and appreciated Japanese brand that offers high-quality fishing lures: hard baits and soft baits. The company TIEMCO LTD was founded in 1969, from the beginning the offer was shaped around fly fishing, but in 1988 the first artificial lure was created – Red Pepper.

The sport of lure fishing is a way of catching a fish using an artificial bait designed to imitate a bait fish or other small edible creature to lure the fish into taking it. Created by Europeans, it underwent further development in the United States. Like fly fishing, lure fishing in Japan has a only short history. lure fishing in Japan today focuses mainly on black bass and trout in lakes and rivers, and on many species in salt-water fishing.

This type of fishing has already developed more deeprooted popularity among the fishing public than other types of angling as it numbers enthusiasts throughout a broad range of age groups, centered on those in their teens to 40s.

TIEMCO is proud to offer an extensive assortment of high-quality tackle for lure fishing. Taking advantage of our own reserves of experience and expertise, we have also created many original products.

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