What fish can live with serpae tetra?

what fish can live with serpae tetra

What fish can live with Serpae Tetra? Ideal tankmates include other active fish of similar or larger size, such as barbs, danios and tetras. Bottom dwelling catfish can also be kept with this species though they may not get along well enough for some people’s tastes; loaches work great if you want something less flashy! … Read more

Do serpae tetras lay eggs?

do serpae tetras lay eggs

Do serpae tetras lay eggs? The Serpae Tetra is a hardy fish that can be bred in aquaria with the right setup. They like it best when there are plenty of plants for them to lay eggs on, and then once these hatch you’ve got some adorable little buddies! The average lifespan? About seven years … Read more

Do angelfish eat other fish?

Angelfish are perceived as aggressive, cannibalistic, and prone to eating other fish. This can leave you wondering if adding angelfish to a fish tank is safe. Angelfish are part of the cichlid family, which eat other fish and each other. That said, angelfish are one of the least aggressive types of cichlid. They’re also piscivores … Read more

How to care for angelfish?

how to care for angelfish

Whether you’re beginner or experienced, Angelfish are an easy fish to keep. They have long and majestic fins that can be trained into any desired behavior with plenty of energy for playtime! With Dean’s help we’ve compiled this article full swing so all your questions will now be answered: what type should I get? How … Read more

Does angelfish need oxygen?

does angelfish need oxygen

When it comes to angelfish, a bubbler isn’t necessary because the fish require real filters which provide enough aeration. This means that even if you have an excellent oxygen level in your aquarium due for example from natural bubbles rising up through surface waters and creating calm zones around rocks or coral heads where creatures … Read more

Can angelfish live with tetras?

It is often said that the best fish for a tank are ones with personality. The Angelfish may be one such example, as it has been noted by many aquarium enthusiasts to make an excellent companion in any home décor—and their varying coloration speaks volumes about how much fun they can have! In this article … Read more

Can angelfish live with glofish?

You may not know this about glofish, but they are living, breathing fish with a heartbeat! And it’s no surprise that these little guys make great companions for other types of aquariums. While you might think artificial or battery-powered decorations like anywhere else on your computer screen (or even in some homes!), the truth is … Read more

Can angelfish live alone?

Angelfish are peaceful, colorful fish with gentle souls. They like to be alone but will interact more when paired up with another Angel Fish or similar species that shares their values such as needing lots of space in order not make any sudden movements which might cause fear inspiring anxiety among other things these few … Read more

Can angelfish live with bettas?

So you want to know if bettas and angelfish can live together? We’ve got all the answers for this one! It’s important that every fish lover read about how dangerous it may be when their particular species interact. To help keep your angel from getting hurt, we’ll cover what precautions need taken before adding another … Read more