WATCH: Hungry Pike Gulps Down Whole Fish

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It’s a fish-eat-fish kind of world out there, and we got to see a hungry pike feast gobble up a whole fish in one wholesome video.

A Budel, Netherlands videographer caught a pike fish last November, swallowing another fish, likely an invasive rudd fish in just seconds. The viral video showed how fast the pike downed the living fish, even turning it around to eat it headfirst.

These fish get aggressive when there are no other food sources, so expect something like this to happen.

A Pike Feast To Be Seen

The Daily Mail described parts of the video, as the pike grabs its prey by the head. The fish proceeds to bite down on the fish and chew until the fish’s tail is left.

The unnamed filmmaker named the fish Pikey. He narrates the natural act, saying, ‘here you see a good example that nothing is too big for a pike.’

These predatory fish are freshwater and can get to be more than three feet long. They hide in the vegetation of lakes, slow rivers, and canals for their prey. It’s not uncommon for them to eat other fish, frogs, small mammals, and ducklings.

One ten-year-old YouTube video catches a pike in the act, gobbling up a young duckling. The mother duck can only try to free the duck, but she only chases the fish off in her futile attempt.

These particular fish grow larger in Europe and Asia than they do in North America.

Also, the Journal of Natural Ecology found that its lifespan is relatively short because the fish has moments of cannibalism. More giant pikes go after smaller pikes, and family members often eat other family members.

Creepy, but that’s nature for you.

In 1986, one German angler named Lothar Louis caught a 55-pound pike on Greffern Lake for the all-tackle northern pike world record. Louis used a casting spoon and fought the fish for 40 minutes.

Also, on the New Zealand-based Lucky Lures website was Peter Dubuc’s massive catch. Dubuc caught a 46-pound, two-ounce pike while fishing at Sacandaga Lake in New York for the North American record. There is no additional information about Dubuc’s bait.

Another Pike Amazement

A trio of American anglers caught a northern pike, only to be shocked at what the fish had recently tried to digest.

Last year, the men recorded a New Year’s Day video where they got the fish along the mighty Mississippi near La Crosse, Wisc. The men filleted the beast and found more than they bargained for that day.

Inside the fishy flesh, a live perch slid out and flapped on the table. Talk about lucky as one of the three men could say they bagged on more fish than the others that day.

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