What would eat a guppy?

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Guppies are at the bottom tier of food chain, but they have colonized many parts world. They’re easily snacks for bigger fishes who don’t mind sharing their dinner with these little guys!

What Fish Eat Guppies?  

Guppies are small, colorful fish that live in large schools. They have been preyed on by predators such as cichlids and jumping guabine since they first appeared billions of years ago during the Paleocene era when paleontologists found fossilized remains belonging to this species living alongside other ancient animals like ategoroids (modern day sharks) back then! In modern times though it’s not just larger creatures who might try eats some tasty little guys- even manyOrder them at tank stores if you want one for yourself because these agile swimmer can often escape from bigger dangers.

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What Fish Eat Guppies in the Wild?

Guppies in the wild have had a lot to survive against. They are prey for pesky predators like bass, bluegills and catfish who would love nothing more than picking off their weaker competitors with little effort involved!

Cichlids, Blue Acaras, Jumping Guabines, Tigerfish, Fat Sleepers, Rivulus, and Golden Trahiras. 


The African cichlid is an awesome fish that lives in the Great Lakes. They’re known for being really pesky and eating lots of guppies, but some types are better than others! For example…
Dwarf cichlids like rams or Kribs don’t seem as bad towards your little ones– they’ll still try to get them though so watch out if you have one with other tanks because those guys can be tough competition when it comes right down do who gets fed last at dinner time.

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Cichlids are solitary fish. They don’t really need any kind of company, but it’s nice when you can find one that is willing to hang out for a little while! Unlike guppies who live in large populations and rely on each other’s help hunting food or avoiding predators – cicklicks usually hunt alone because their long bodies allow them move quickly through water yet remain hidden from view until Suddenly springing into action with incredible speed (and accuracy). This means if there happen upon another creature nearby then all bets might be off: The competition will get fierce

Blue Acara 

Cichlids are fish that live in African rivers. They have long bodies and mobile jaws with sharpise teeth for catching prey, which they hunt fast-moving around rocks or among plants on the bottom of streams (1). In places where there is more than one type ciuchlid species present though it becomes difficult to survive because guppies cannot compete against such strong competitors if their numbers become too low – this happens due largely thanks then existence unique abilities so as not be easily noticed by predators even when feeding.

The blue acaras is a fish that loves to hunt down guppies who are unaware of their presence. However, they’re more considerate towards thosefew inquisitive bugs and love inspect them closely when it comes by chance!

Jumping Guabine 

Jumping Guabines are small, sleek fish that can swim fast. They live in large rivers and muddy puddles alike; their bodies are shaped like an extended cylinder to keep them at top speed when chasing prey or jumping out of danger’s way (their name suggests this habit). These feisty little creatures have been seen jump as high 14cm into the air on occasion-which makes them excellent jumpsimmers!

Honorary Mentions

Guppies have been shaped by some wild predators, but none as much as the ones that live in their habitats. The biggest of these is probablycatsfish who can kill adults and young alike with ease – this has had a huge impact on shaping guppy evolution!

  • Tigerfish
  • Fat Sleeper 
  • Golden Trahira 
  • Rivulus 

What Fish Eat Guppies in the Tank?

The threat to guppies does not end with captivity. There are several large and common aquarium fish that will happily eat a consumes them, such as goldfish ,leopard bush-fishes(a type ofrapid growing cichlid),goldsnakes etc…

Leopard Bush Fish 

Leopard Bush Fish are as fierce and quick-witted in real life, just like their names suggests. They can remain still among plants or quickly pounce on prey when it passes by for an attack strategy that makes them one of the top fish predators around!


Goldfish and guppies don’t get along well. A large gold fish can easily gobble down an adult goofy, while all have been known to prey on little fry that wander into their aquariums unthinkingly! Bigger species like shubunkins or comets will fit a couple of these smaller types within reach if you let them grow up together in one Tank – but not more than 3 because then there would be too many mouths feeding off the same food source which isn’t healthy for either party involved (or any other tank inhabitants).

Although it is not common, some fish species peacefully coexist with other types of aquarium inhabitants. For example there have been reports where guppies got along well enough in their tanks to live alongside black moors and twisty tailed goldfish without any problems at all!

Clown Knife Fish

The Clown Knife Fish is as dangerous to its prey (fish) like guppies.
These nocturnal creatures have two nasal tentacles above their big, toothless mouth and can sense lurking danger with those sensitive extensions of the body that many other types don’t possess!
In addition to being able see in complete darkness their weaponized teeth are also sharp enough for cutting through practically anything they might be fed on: This includes other feeder fish such likes Oscars or Rays depending upon what’s available at any given time – but not humans because we’re too expensive.


The cichlid family is home to many species that can be found in South American waters. One such fish, the Oscar (Osbeckia), has traits of both sluggishness and speedyosity; it’s efficient at hunting small prey like guppies but doesn’t always win out when fighting larger foes either! These intelligent predators are known for being quite aggressive too – not recommended as pets if you want your aquarium clean again soon afterwards…

What Fish Eat Guppy Fries?

The peace of mind you’ll have when your guppy fry are safe from harm is worth every penny. With so many aquarium fish that feed on them, it’s hard to keep track at what might be biting or attacks can come in order for these little ones grow up healthy and happy! That said an Angelfish has been known as consume quite large amounts before – even though they’re less than half its length away!.

How Have Guppies Evolved to Escape Predators?

Guppies are clever fish that live over a long period of time. They have developed ways to escape from being predators, such as developing duller colors or reproduction earlier than others in order for them not be targeted by higher creatures who want tasty meals!

Conclusion on What Fish Eat Guppies

Guppies live at the bottom of food chain, which means that they are prey for many different predators in both their native habitat and a fish tank. In nature Guppy’s can be eaten by Cichlids as well as Jumping Green GUIANE/Blue Acara Tigerfish Goldilocks TeluguJumpfin GlassFish Oscar Clown Knifefish Leopard Bush Fish etc.. However these days it is not unusual to find them farmed so there may also exist some friendly looking ones out on display!

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