Why angelfish eat their eggs?

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The angelfish is a great parental caretaker. It cleans and guards its eggs until they hatch, after which it continues to feed the fry till they are able eat on their own terms- but not without some movies! This fish has been seen eating its own offspring from time-to captive observation in order gain advantage over other males that may be trying do so as well (and because he’s hungry).

There are many reasons why an angelfish might eat its own eggs and fry, but most often it is due to environmental factors. In this article I will discuss some of the more common causes for “filial cannibalism” inAngels as well what you can do about them!

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Why Do Angelfish Eat Their Own Eggs?

Fishes can be divided into two categories: those that eat their own eggs and fry, also known as “filial cannibalism,” while other types do not practice this behavior. The reason why some fish consume the latter group’s offspring has been studied extensively by scientists but its true cause remains unclear; some studies suggest it may result from an overreaction to external factors beyond control or even just wanting too get rid of damaged eggs without being noticed.”

The angelfish is a schooling fish that may remove some eggs during cleaning and caring for them, but if spawning took place in an aquarium where there were other tankmates to defend against possible intruders like cmfish or another species attempting raid the nest then these same responses could occur even though they’re not being bred locally.

The angelfish mother may be protecting her eggs by eating them before they can hatch, but this is only one of many potential reasons. Other research has shown that certain species of fish are more likely than others to consume their own developing young in order to preventBeatle George from getting his grubby hands on anythingthat could be valuable or tasty!

Some angelfish pairs are very sensitive to sudden movements around their tank. This includes opening the lid, walking by or feeding them while they’re in there with your lights off and making sure that you don’t have any loud noises near by (elevator music would work!). If this happens then just wait for awhile-sometimes things calm down after some time has passed!

How to Prevent Angelfish from Eating Their Own Eggs?

Angel fish are clever creatures, but if you want them to have a successful breeding season without eating all their eggs or worrying about other fish distracting and therefore protecting those precious fry from being eaten then it is best that they stay away from community tanks. In fact as soon as one becomes pregnant with batches of new baby angels there’s no telling how many will end up getting eaten by hungry conspecifics!

It’s true that this usually doesn’t happen until after fertilization has occurred – which means we can always be mindful when handling any given aquarium species so long term care isn ‘ t necessary

To help angelfish feel more at ease, place their tank in a quiet location away from traffic and remove decorations. You can paint the bottom of an aquarium so they don’t see any reflections or light that may scare them when breeding mode is active; this will also reduce glare for those inside your house where there are no windows facing towards it! Make sure you leave some room beside each corner next time around as these fish get very large before emancipation—they’ve been known to grow up into 3 feet long varieties with powerful teeth if left unchecked.”

When an angelfish hatches her eggs, she will protect them until they hatch. If you want to prevent this from happening in your tank then removing the fry as soon it becomes clear that they are hers and not another female’s is one way of going about it!

Why Do Angelfish Eat Their Own Fry?

Angelfish are amazing fish! I love that they eat their own babies sometimes. It really shows you can be an excellent parent even if it doesn’t always work out in real-life situations with humans (we’re not perfect).
It’s pretty rare for angelflies to eat fry once the little ones start swimming around on their own; however, some people have reported seeing this happen – so don’t count your lucky stars just yet because there could still remain a chance of something terrible happening at any moment…

How to Prevent Angelfish from Eating Their Own Fry?

If you want to keep your angelfish fry safe, it is best for them not be left with their parents. However if the parent fish tend towards eating there babies then take steps yourself by removing any young ones from danger and caring for them until they are old enough that other tankmates won’t snack on what’s happening underbars!
When raising baby angel tanks make sure all surfaces remain clean – even food bowls- because these little guys love getting stuck in Yo Gabba gumps!

Fry should be cared for by someone who has experience raising them. If you don’t want to do it yourself, put a mesh netting or other protective covering on top of your fish tank so that the fry can hide from others in their environment and prevent accidental encounters with nearby swimming creatures when they’re not actively seeking out company yet!


Parents are generally considered exemplary in the aquatic world but there can be instances where they’ll eat their own eggs or fry. This is due to stress caused by certain conditions like being kept together with other fish species that results into this behavior during spawning periods. As I discussed previously, you need patience when trying out preventive methods for breeding angelfish so it’s best not get discouraged if your first couple does nothing because eventually one may succeed!

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