Why are my amano shrimp hiding?

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The first time Amano shrimp keepers often face a common problem that is, Amano shrimps hide. This article will throw light on some of the causes and what you can do to find your peach friend again!

Amanos are known as algae cleaners in freshwater systems but sometimes they like privacy when it comes down from attention especially if their tank feels stressful or threatened by anything at all really (even just loud water pumps). So keep reading below for tips about finding those speedy little guys who’ve gone missing after gleaning information from my own experience with these shy critters.

Some Of The Most Common Cases

There are several types of cases where Amano shrimp hides. For example, their moods can be unpredictable and they might react differently to different people or things which is why it’s important that you take care when aquarium keeping these creatures as well as treating them correctly so your tank won’t have any problems due an unplayful environment.

Let’s see the common cases first.

  • Luckily, you have been keeping an eye on your other shrimp and fish population. Your maintenance is paying off because the others are doing well but there’s always that pesky Amano hiding somewhere!
  • You are not seeing them for the last couple of weeks or even months. You had better check your tank, maybe one is missing?
    It seems like they’ve disappeared! Maybe someone took it upon themselves to feed their fishies something that wasn’t food (a person could do this) because there’s no way I can help if we don’t know what happened…
  • The shrimp are all but invisible in the tank, you can barely see them with your naked eye!
  • You have a huge tank (more than 45-50g) and your Amano shrimps are all over it. You may see them 3 or 4 at once, but barely any sign of life can be seen in between those that swim together as one large colony force!

Why Amano Shrimps Are Hiding?

Could it be that they’re scared of something? Or maybe, there’s nothing going on at all and these creatures are just naturally shy.

1. If They Are Kept With Other Fishes

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When you get an Amano shrimp, it is best if they are the only type in your tank. They can be shy and hard to spot at first but once he finds some friends from among other types of crustaceans or fish that aren’t too scary around him then things will calm down for this interesting little creature!
If there’s no place safe enough on land-based tanks so what about hiding spots underwater? These guys need as much room as possible when living life fully just like any animal its natural instinct.

There are many ways to find the hidden shrimps in your tank. First, you can search behind driftwoods or live plants for them; if that doesn’t work then check under fake ones as well! They’re cleverly hidden deep inside substrate and nooks-and corners of decorations too so be sure not miss out on this amazing little creature just because it may look small now.
You’ll soon begin seeing big changes once these guys grow up but don’t worry though: even though their size may increase greatly over time ,they still remain quite gentle towards other animals put alive into contact with them.

2. When They Molt And Breed

There are certain times each month when shrimps go through the molting process. They feel vulnerable due to their new soft shells, so they hide behind suitable hiding places until these become harder and more durable than what is currently on them this often takes about two weeks for some people who keep their tanks very clean! If you don’t see any activity from your little guys during those periods then just remember that everything’s ok because it will resume as normal once again soon enough.”

Although it may seem like your Amano shrimp is healthy when you see a few of them occasionally and they’re molting regularly, there could be something wrong. If their exoskeletons are gone from the tank you’ll know that usually these shrimps won’t breed in open water; instead finding hiding places to get pregnant with its babies so only then might come across an occasional male or female trying for offspring!

3. They Like To Forage At The Night Hours

If you think that your betta is stressed, move the rocks and driftwood around. You may find them crowded together in their favorite hiding spots when it’s dark out because they’re trying to avoid being seen by humans or other sights which make these fish stressed out! If one of my clients has his vision on high alert due to night lights shining through windows into her room I give this advice: “If possible turn those lights off.”

Give them their regular food at night and turn off the lights keeping a dimmer on. Since they like to hover around in dark spaces, after an hour or so they will come out frequently from their hiding places looking for prey with glowing eyes! You can sneak into your aquarium late afternoon when you know he/she won’t be there it’s easier than trying catch one without any natural bait handy (although we’re sure most people wouldn’t mind).

4. If A Few Amano Shrimps Are Kept In The Tank With Other Species

As you know, more than 95% of Amano shrimps are wild-caught and they use to hang out in large schools (hundreds) when floating on the surface.
So if one or two small numbers are put with other fast moving shrimp/fishes then these will not think your tank as their own home so like refugees do under pressurethey’ll hesitate before taking any action at all! although choosing peaceful community fish is better for company but sometimes even those can try eating anything that moves including our little.

You do not need to worry about Amano shrimp being shy or afraid of other tankmates. In fact, if you have enough companions for them in your aquarium they will be much happier and unafraid! The more company there is the better result – so try adding some different species while keeping an eye on how many shrimps are present because this affects their overall demeanor as well.
Amanos prefer having friends around but sometimes it can get too lopsided with only one type showing interest; luckily though by mixing up Camarases (or whatever else) compatibility issues go away completely.

Note: Ghost Shrimps are an interesting and beautiful breed of shrimp, but they can be problematic when kept in large numbers. Keep them only with the right type or else you’ll end up picking fights with your tankmates!

5. If They Are Kept In An Uncycled Tank

The Amanos need to be in a cycled tank if they’ve been put into an uncycled one. In order for them to show their full potential and activity level, it is necessary that these creatures are happy with the aquatic environment around them

6. If They Are Overfed

The first time I owned an amano, it was very exciting to see them show up when their food became available. They are usually quick about taking what’s on offer but sometimes one will come out slower than the rest and wait for everyone else before eating anything – this is because too many supplements can be unhealthy or even life-threateningly so if there isn’t enough natural hunger in your tank!
If you want these guys back though; just cut off any excesses (though never go below 12 hours without feeding) and watch out.

7. If You Perform A Large Water Change Or If The Water Quality Is Poor

In case you have a large or complete water change, it is best to periodically allow your betta some time off from eating and grazing. Betta’s can become quite sick if their nitrate levels jump too high so regular care must be taken in order for them not only stay healthy but also thrive!

8. They Can Escape Too

My fish are always jumping out of the tank when I don’t have a lid on top! It’s so funny because they can climb and jump really high, which is why you should search them in your floor. If their water feels too cozy or crowded then these males will try escaping just like how we do with our cats at home (or other small animals). Before checking anything else make sure that everything inside looks good  including filters & spray bars…

What Should You Do If You Want To See Your Amano Troupe Always Out?

Single Species Tank

While it is true that the best way to foster happiness in your tank would be by sticking with one type of fish, there are cases when you may want or need other types. For instance if shrimp numbers become too high for their own good even though they can swim around without problems at 55-65 grams per 10 gallons it’s better not let them do so because then all we’ll see day long could very well end up being these little guys! As said before this article doesn’t mean everyone needs an aquarium full just

Using White Clouds

There are some ways you can make sure your aquarium is fish-only land. For example, if want only one betta but still need the company of other small tropical fishes like goldfish or tetras then it would be best for them not to come into contact with any amano variants since they will likely start breeding and create more problems than solutions!
In order keep this from happening there’s always white clouds these work well because their presence masks those pesky colorations found on certain types such as reds…


Give your favorite shrimp a world of its own by allowing it to reign in an individual tank if you want. If not, choose the most compatible fish and wait for them to get comfortable with their new home before adding any other creatures!

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