Will guppy eat fry?

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Guppies are a fun and colorful breed of fish that can be found all over the world. These peaceful little guys thrive in small aquariums, making them an ideal starter pet for those who want something simple yet neat looking around their house or office desk!

Yes, that is correct. Have you ever wondered if guppies eat their babies? It may sound unbelievable but this phenomenon happens 100% of the time! But before running away from these apparently monsterous creatures I recommend reading through our guide below so we can teach them some manners and protect your fry (the newest member in any tank).

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Do Guppies Eat Their Babies?  

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Guppies are one of the most peaceful fish you can find, but they often end up eating their fry. So what makes this act even more puzzling? It turns out that while guppy populations normally don’t engage in violent behavior like Cannibalism – which is usually associated with non-neglible species such as sharks and rays – these aquatic animals were observed attacking other newborns before taking a bite out of them!

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The adult fish are known for eating their young, even though they should be more careful than that. Sometimes these guppies give off a vibe like an remorseless serial killer due to how hunt down and kill any fry in sight with sharp teeth- which only adds onto the confusion of why this happens among breeders who normally expect bigger breeds or ones having sharper fangs (but still no guarantees).

Why Do Guppies Eat their Babies? 

marine scientists have been trying to find out why guppies eat their babies for years, but no one can come up with an explanation that makes sense. There may be multiple factors involved in this terrible act of parenting—years ago people thought it was just because the male betta gave birth then ate his offspring when they were born (which he does), or else that female would lay more eggs than usual which could explain higher populations density; however now we know how important environmental conditions like temperature plays a role too!

Cannibalism in guppies is a mystery that scientists are still trying to figure out. Though there may be several reasons for this behavior, such as the availability of food and/or heritable taste preferences passed down through generations-no concrete reasoning behind it has yet been found aside from random chance alone!

They Look Similar to Fish Food 

Fish food for guppies is almost like regular fish dinner. Adults often mistake their own species and end up eating the baby ones!

To Cope With Psychological Stress 

The adult guppies stay in denial about the birth of their young. They may feel utterly surprised or even mad at themselves and/or baby fry for a time, but they will eat them if it means preserving oneself–the greater self-preservation instinct enhances this behavior patterns among these fish species just as much so when you think back on your own human experiences!

Guppies are known for their rapid breeding habits. In just hours, these little fish can lay between 10-120 eggs and then go off in search of food again before returning back with even more offspring that need nurturing! It’s not rare whatsoever when you find baby guppies struggling during this time because adults will sometimes eat them so they don’t waste resources on weaker fry development – but what happens if something goes wrong?
The way I see it is like any other animal: If there’s danger approaching (in this case an injury or illness), we’ll protect our own kind first

People with Down’s Syndrome are often diagnosed when they can’t defend themselves or care for their health. They’re also weak, making it hard to swim; eat properly in general (or any kind of food at all), and grow healthy on an active lifestyle alone – which leads many onto feeling helpless about what’s happening because there isn’t anything anyone will explicitly do for them!

To Retain Fat Storage 

female guppies who have just given birth are searching for ways to recover their energy and fat stores. Eating the babies becomes a source of healthy food that will help them get back on track with this difficult task!

A Food Source When They’re Hungry 

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Male guppies may eat their own babies when food becomes scarce, but it’s not clear why this happens. One possibility is that they’re simply hungry and any living thing in front of them looks like a fish!
A more likely explanation for filial cannibalism among males comes from an adaptive strategy called ” Parent-Infant Fishing.” When parents notice offspring struggling to survive or being eaten by others nearby; those left alive will often turn upon themselves as well so long as there’s enough protein available (though usually only after all other options have already been exhausted).

Guppies are cute, colorful little fish that can sometimes be found caring for their young. Some people believe there’s no explainable reason as to why they do this; even if the guppy is well-fed and healthy (and indeed many of them seem very content), you still need supervision when leaving these creatures unsupervised with babies in order not have any unfortunate accidents arise from neglectful behavior on behalf both parties involved!

How to Stop Guppies Eating Their Babies? 

Fortunately, if you have been noticing that your guppies are eating their babies then there is some information below which may help.
-If it’s not too late and they’re still in the egg stage (not hatching), remove any infested plants from around them as this will stop future outbreaks of fry mortality rates improving significantly when born into an environment where uneaten food remains accessible.

Keep Your Pregnant Guppy In a Breeding Box 

Guppies are always ready for mating. When the time comes, their fry will be born within 3-4 weeks after fertilization! To know if your female guppy is pregnant look at what she’s doing in these few moments:
She’ll start showing signs that she has ripe eggs inside her abdomen by swelling up slightly (this doesn’t mean you should feed them). You can also tell when examining an adult male betta because he has tiny orange spikes all over his body which disappearing into thin air as soon as they’re formed–in other words…

While pregnant fish do prefer to stay in dark places, they can also be found under plants or toys. They will often lighten up as their fry grow larger because of this need for more natural sunlight which is not provided by anything else but them; fortunately these bright little guys are easy enough inquiry once you know what look out for!

The breeding box is an essential tool for keeping the fry safe and sound. You should place your pregnant guppy in a mesh container two days before they are due to give birth, so that you can watch over them closely while waiting out this stressful period of time!

Separate the Newborn Fry 

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The birth of fry is always an exciting time for any guppy momma. However, if you don’t take steps to ensure their safety while they’re being born then it can be traumatic–and sometimes even deadly! That’s why I recommend keeping your pregnant fish in a separate aquarium with plenty of room so that when all babies have been delivered there will still remain enough space left over on top (or under) where new ones could potentially go too; this way every last one gets saved rather than just some versus none at all like what might happen otherwise..
Once The Baby Hasborn.

When you get your newborn guppies, here’s how to make sure they don’t have any deformities. You should provide high-quality special diets for the young fry so that all their nutritional requirements are met and develop into healthy adults with bright colors!

Wait for Them to Grow Bigger 

Introducing your new fish friends should be a fun process. Make sure the tank is large enough for both of them and that they have ample space to swim around in peace, as well as food provided at all times (you can never know when an experiment might happen!). You’ll want some plants or other decorations inside their hidey holes too- it will keep any aggressive males from bothering younger ones who may not yet understand how these things work!


Guppy parents can be forgetful of their young offspring. Once the babies are born, they’re entirely dependent on you and your mercy for protection– there’s no love or care in these creatures at all! But it is up to us as adults now that we take responsibility so this does not continue further than just ourselves…


Will guppies eat baby fry?

Why do fish give birth and then eat their own fry? This is a behavior that has long preoccupied researchers. After giving birth, guppy female swordtails will not show any parental care for the young ones similar to how humans would take an interest in raising our children once they’re born but before providing sustenance or otherwise interacting with them further than necessary so as not to inconvenience us–this contrasts sharply from most other animals’ behaviors where mothers prominently display towards babies what type of food items might be available within reasonable distance should such creatures exist outside human observation labs!

How do you stop guppies from eating fry?

Will Big guppies eat baby guppies?

The larger the guppy, the less likely it is to care about your fry. So if you’re breeding these little guys and want them all alive at graduation day (or even just some), make sure not only do they have plenty of cover but also stay away from anything that might tempt an appetite–i mean come on; who wants another couple minutes sitting around?

Can guppy fry survive with adults?

If you want to keep your fry with the adults, in a community tank without worry about water parameters then that’s what is going on. As long as they’re happy and thriving there will be no issues for these little ones either!

How do I protect my fry in my aquarium?

The sponge filter is a lifesaver for any aquarium with young fish. Not only does it keep your water clean and healthy, but you can also ensure that the fry remain safe from being sucked into their own mortality by using one!

How many baby guppies will survive?

Guppy fry are small, but that doesn’t mean they can be treated likeEPA. The survival rate changes depending on various factors and conditions- it’s not uncommon for some breeds to have an average 10% or less chance at making it through their life cycle in aquariums with good care! However there is hope; if you take precautions against predators (see below) then your chances might go up as high 20%.

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