Will guppy eat their babies?

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Guppies are lively and fun to watch, but also peaceful enough for first timers. They’re low maintenance fish that will grow up quickly with proper care – which makes them an excellent choice if you want your aquarium experience hassle free!

There’s a reason why guppies are loved by many and it has nothing to do with the fact that they eat their babies. Just like humans, some male betta fish can be trained so you don’t have worry about them attacking your offspring!

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Do Guppies Eat Their Babies?  

Guppies are one of the most peaceful fish you can find, but they often end up eating their fry. This behavior is called filial cannibalism and it occurs because these little ones aren’t as smart or seasoned enough to know how dangerous things might be for them yet – so in order protect what’s left at home (their young), some guppy parents will eat anything put into close proximity by an adult!

Guppy lovers everywhere experience the horror of watching their adult fish eat young ones. The way these creatures look, with static facial features and sharp teeth makes them seem like remorseless serial killers – but in reality it’s just an animal kingdom filled with bizarreness!

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Why Do Guppies Eat their Babies? 

Why do fish kill their babies? We don’t know for sure, but it is thought that there may be multiple factors involved. For instance scientists have found out than an increased amount of nutrients in the water can lead to more violent behavior among marine life which results eventually into Friendly Guppy kills BabyFishes!

It’s not easy being a guppy. Your babies are tasty and you have to feed them all the time or else they’ll die! But what if I told you there was an attorney who could help with this problem? Well, actually scientists aren’t really sure why fish eat their own offspring – it just happens sometimes for no reason at all- so maybe seeking legal counsel would be wise afterall…

They Look Similar to Fish Food 

Guppy babies are known for their small size. This makes it easy to mistake them with regular fish food, and this has led many adults into thinking that they’re eating the actual dish when in reality what’s inside might be too young or tender enough not even considered appetizing by most humans!

To Cope With Psychological Stress 

Guppies are much like humans in that they have a sense of self-preservation. When an adult guppy feels she has given birth to many fry at once, there can be quite some surprise or stress on what is happening so her babies will often end up being eaten by their mother until it becomes clear which one’s offspring were actually born first!

To Weed Out the Weaker Babies 

Guppies are known for their rapid breeding habits and the ability to lay between 10-120 eggs in just one day. When this happens, it’s not uncommon that smaller fry will become preyed upon by adults since they cannot feed all themselves without wasting valuable energy stores which could be used later on when developing new baby guppy populations or even saving up enough protein during times where food isn’t available at all!

Adult guppies are cannibals. When they see that one of their number has a disability, such as finickiness or Clubbed Feet, the others will eat that individual so it doesn’t pass on to future generations and maintain healthy active fish!

Imagine if you were too weak to swim, eat or grow healthily.
You can’t defend yourself from predators and prey alike. You’re literally a sitting target with no means of self-defense whatsoever!

To Retain Fat Storage 

After giving birth, female guppies go through a period of recovery where eating their weak babies becomes an important source for them. Eating this food provides healthy fats that help the lady fish get back on track with regards to both energy levels and fat storage!

A Food Source When They’re Hungry 

The reasons for male guppies eating their own babies are more difficult to understand. One possibility is that it provides a nutritious meal when food becomes scarce in an aquarium, but this cannot explain why adult males would resort so viciously time after time without any sense of compassion or empathy towards these young ones who they inevitably kill just because there’s nothing else available at the moment – even if you have plenty on hand!

Whether it’s out of curiosity or hunger, guppies will eat their fry if left unsupervised. But why do fish behave this way? This is a question that has no answer—until now! A recent study found the likely motivation for eating baby guppy species: food abundance and perhaps some sort-of sexual instinct mixed in with survival tactics like any other animal on earth would have them do so as well (whether they’re well fed). Here’s what you need to know about keeping your little ones safe from adoption by larger could duplicates without sacrificing quality caregiving.

How to Stop Guppies Eating Their Babies? 

When you know that your fish is eating its babies, there are a few things to do. The first step in saving them will be following these steps:

Keep Your Pregnant Guppy In a Breeding Box 

Male guppies are always ready for mating. After they have sex, the male then leaves his female partner and goes off in search of another suitable mate to fertilize so that their fry can be born within 3-4 weeks! To check if your female is pregnant you need look out for these signs:

When you get a pregnant guppy, their coloration changes to an off-white/light greenish shade. It becomes bloated and fat just like human pregnancy! Near the butt is where they will release all of those baby fry into your aquarium so it’s best not too forget about them or else chaos may ensue with many more than expected dying because there was never any space for population growth (playfully). These little guys often hide under plants such as sword vines which makes sense considering how much protection.

When you’re expecting a fish pregnancy, keep an eye on the time line and make sure to separate your pregnant guppy from other adults. A breeding box is perfect for keeping fry safe during this phase of development!

Separate the Newborn Fry 

When a female guppy is pregnant, it’s important to keep the fry in an aquarium small enough for them. The stress from being isolated can lead your pet fish into drinking its babies–and this behavior has been noted by aquarists as well! So make sure you’re alerted when that happens because then there will be no need at all for worry or confusion on behalf of any newborns left behind after delivery time comes around… But if everything goes smoothly with fertilization (which seems likely), don’t forget about setting up another smaller container beforehand so these little ones instantly get themselves safe living space right away; otherwise they might end up getting.

When you get your newborn guppies, here’s how to make sure they don’t have any deformities. It’s important for the fry and their parents alike that all nutritional requirements are met with high-quality food so no one gets sick or injured in this delicate stage of development!

It is important to keep the water clean and chemical-free. Give your guppies enough food, consult a vet who can recommend what they should eat for their size (baby fish need baby foods) then provide them with plenty of light or place an aquarium lamp inside their tank so it’s easier on you both!

Wait for Them to Grow Bigger 

Introducing your young ones to the main tank is a great way for them learn about fish keeping. They must be able swim fast and not fit into adult mouths, so make sure you place them together once they grow enough! Fill up some food in their new home before letting all of these hungry little guys go at it alone – just like what we do with adults here on HQ !


Guppy parents often forget about their offspring once they’re born. Once the babies are left on their own, there’s no element of love or protection from these Forgetful fish-people who can only look after themselves in order to survive – it is up you as an adult guppy lookingafter young ones identify how keep them safe!


How do I stop my guppies from eating their babies?

The female guppy should be removed from the breeding box as soon as she gives birth because it will prevent her from eating any of her fry. Her young are safe in there and cannot get out, which also ensures they’re not eaten by other fish!

How do I protect baby guppies in my tank?

The baby guppies are in danger as soon as their born, so it’s important to keep them safe. Keep the adults separate from these little ones or give them hiding spots where they can avoid being eaten by larger fish that look aggressive towards new arrivals on scene! It’ll be worth your while if you feed often and provide warm water with live food for growth – just don’t forget about those oxygen levels either; make sure there is enough 21%+ grade two obligate species only please!.

Will Big guppies eat baby guppies?

When you get a female guppy, the eggs will start to hatch and there’s no way for them all not be eaten by bigger fish. It can become an issue if left unchecked because these larvae are easy pickings!

How many baby guppies will survive?

Guppy fry survival rates vary depending on the conditions of their environment. The average rate is 10-20%, but it can be as low at 5% or higher than 80%.

Why guppy eat their babies?

Female guppies give birth and then go about the task of recovering their energy levels. Eating baby fish becomes a good source for nurturing fat that was lost during pregnancy, as it provides more than just protein necessary to help rebuild muscles after giving birth-it also contains some healthy fats!

Can I leave guppy fry in the tank?

You can put your new guppies back into the main tank once they’re large enough. In a couple of weeks, you’ll know because these fish will no longer fit in their mouth and must be transferred from grow-out to living space with other adults!

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